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Yearly salary of full-blown medicine delegate is little criterion 120 thousand
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As world of the ceaseless reform development of industry of our country pharmacy, trend, medical delegate is become gradually suffer a person to seek the position that hold in both hands. According to not complete count, home has the pharmacy company of 4000 above at present, be in among them China company of foreign capital pharmacy held very large proportion. For share of market of race to control, company of each foreign capital increases the investment of pair of China markets in succession, contend for roll out new product, this makes sale talented person is critical. According to estimation of manpower resource expert, the fuel that medicine represents proposes a toast general component is base salary and deduct a percentage from a sum of money, the medicine that has at least two years of experience is in 120 thousand yuan or so commonly on behalf of yearly salary.

Medical generation wants a person of foresight, be good at thinking

The survey that is aimed at 400 clinicians of Chinese to have what quality on behalf of need to medicine in shows, the requirement that most doctor represents to medicine is: One, product of ripe harvesting company and function, can provide the information of full and accurate and data, fluent solve relevant problem, the product introduction that makes or held discussion have professional level; 2, the problem that takes a client seriously to put forward and requirement, can feedback in time; 3, polite, be happy to help a person, possess active and active sale skill, can maintain close connection with the client, care hand and foot and take care of a client; 4, keep appropriate visit frequency.

Medical delegate should learn a person of foresight, want to ponder over a problem actively, calculate prospective possibility, be good at draw on the wisdom of the masses, make full use of environmental resource finds correct solution. Honored guest of specially invite of estrade of field of duty of president of company of business management adviser, some net Mr Ji Tao points out medicine of fine of expert of research of problem of Chinese medicine delegate, Shenzhen, active be in the medical delegate on medical market is at present medium, the meeting of a person of foresight divides analyse and the change that ponder over market environment in time, because foreknow,specialization the certain way that reform is medical market development, learn professional market sale theory actively so, the major that exercises oneself sells mastery of a skill or technique, this kind of talent has become the business key member of each enterprises now.

Viewpoint of value and manner decision are successful

Medical delegate is the bridge that communicates between pharmacy business and doctor, patient, it is the deliver person of medical science information. Medical masterpiece is the skeleton force of pharmacy business, the clinical requirement using drug that assuming discovery and satisfies doctor apothecary and the double job that win gain for the company. This job is full of hardships and challenge, requirement medicine delegate has extremely strong substantive work capability, firm volition and hopeful and positive attitude.
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