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Schoolgirl interview is not worn smooth with the shoe
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One university teachs Chongqing student to apply for a job: The schoolgirl is not worn smooth follow a shoe

Schoolgirl interview is not worn smooth mix with the shoe too close, too too dew, light clothing, wear professional suit, fingernail hair not coloring; The schoolboy does not wear the jeans, leather shoes most probably new, hit archives above cravat. A few days ago, industrial and commercial university rolls out Chongqing " manual of skill of graduate to apply for a job " , from clad style of conversation, theoretical case each respect, directive graduate obtain employment.

Avoid of letter of to apply for a job is expatiatory long-winded

Place of obtain employment of recruit students of industrial and commercial college concerns personage introduction, this manual is to carry inspect and learn each other's work invite applications for a job of unit of choose and employ persons, right unit of choose and employ persons undertakes questionnaire investigation, analysis graduate obtain employment case wait for a form and arrange, be close to 80 pages. Content involves: Examination questions of skill of the preparation of material of offer one's services, interview preparation, interview, pen analysis, autograph makes an appointment with a note to wait.

Criticize of this manual key instantly is full length the letter of to apply for a job of long-winded of tired wooden tablets or slips for writing, language, proposal " draw the outline of 4 gist to nod " : Condition of quality of the post that fundamental condition, hope applies for the individual, individual, believe terminal part to express to hope to get interview chance in to apply for a job.

Hair fingernail is not chromatic

This manual enumerate of figure of interview of male woman student dress up a point -- do not drink before schoolboy interview, stay up late, smoking; The hair is orderly, not too long, more avoid coquettish; Wear spectacles for nearsighted persons, do not wear too old lens or too trendy glasses frame; Wear the business suit with grave color, garment pants is very straight; Do not wear bull-puncher garment pants, recreational unlined upper garment to wait; The shirt is new old want proper; Cravat color does not want too bright-coloured, quality is intermediate above; Leather shoes most probably new above, want to polish.

The schoolgirl should go after " dignified and easy " : The hair is orderly, do not catch hair; Wear professional suit, skirt shoulds not be too short; Do not wear too close, too too dew, light clothing; Fingernail not coloring, do not take hyperbole jewelry; Apply slightly weak makeup, avoid by all means wears heavy make-up; Do not brush overmuch perfume; Wear medium, high-heeled shoes, do not wear smooth with shoe, big head shoe.

Common problem replies so

The enumerate in this manual the question that official of 7 be in charge of an examination often asks, how to reply to the student to table a proposal.
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