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"Duty field promotes duty " regulation history word
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The article tries to pass the description that promotes office system to different dynasty, make the reader understands ancient time of a few China to promote the regulation of duty. Those who need a specification is, raises rising job often is mixed for an organic whole, reason takes the place of with rising job in this entirely.

"" rising job is in together with the society, the society has litre of job, because this one rises duty history,calculate will also have the history 5000.

In period of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of Yao and Shun, rising what duty depends on completely is public praise effect, common people says who is good, who can rise job. Shun Congyao has received highest hegemony in the hand, it is a public praise good. This kind of means also affected the thinking of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, famous " 13 years of prevent floods by water control, 3 live a door and do not enter " lift, with one action established individual brand. Had such high-level leader to set an example, nature goes according to Zhang Jin below, be in so that times, want to rise job, card beauty is tasted completely in the individual praise degree. Look at this point, ancestor people compete, not only talking of record of formal schooling, one's previous experience, everybody is "fair Play" completely. The problem is, in those days, to common mayor from national leader everybody is done not have very salary can be taken, those who change is " annals of history leaves behind a good reputation " . Xia Shangzhou period, national concept begins to form and be perfected stage by stage, but because be servile society, because identity cause does not have the opportunity that come forward,a lot of have the person of ability, with respect to the aim that must take a few unusual steps to achieve stand out. Among them the Yin of Yi of prime minister in feudal China that delegate character of the front is business generation and the Jiang Zi tooth with acting week, former cook through becoming, captured top leader not only the stomach of business soup, still captured the heart of business soup; Latter is used in edge of water of short for Weihe River similar the means with artistic today behavior -- the hype that caused the outside without hook fishing, be used by week article Wang Qi thereby. Apparent, they have to be nodded jointly is to should accomplish " to do sth unconventional or unorthodox " . The get one's own back that Yi Yin and Jiang Zi tooth get is apparent overflow, got big feudal, especially Jiang Zi tooth, neat country the ancestor of consecrate is him.

But that moment works the risk also exceeds big, the Guo Shi Fu of the Zhao Liang that among them delegate character is period of summerly the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty and Zhou Youwang period, former catered to the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty to seek recreational interest, start duty field the beginning of fawn on; Latter became balefire of the history is great " to make fun of the director of vassal " , to rise duty raises, offerred an IDEA that brings about " of " a conquered nation to the boss, although two people position rose, but fell before long a place of body head different.
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