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The female is earned marry harder more more
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Long-term since, male advocate outside, female advocate inside the steady pattern that is a family. Be this kind of subconscious guidance falls, both sides of husband and wife is having clear division of labor.

Time passes and the situation has changed, just when large quantities of young United States women depend on their ability and wisdom, fine-looking when the success is scored on the career, their feeling appeared again problem, in the course that seeks a partner all one's life, if where,him expression accomplished a balance to become a difficult problem between face of male friend of achievement and attend to.

Hess is a software engineer that works in Manhadu, the concern of she 25 years old and boy friend is sudden recently nervous rise, and a among them main reason is the pay because of her. The pay that is not her is too low, however boy friend and her income difference is too big.

Hess' bewilderment is not her a person is particular, more and more young women encountered same question now.

Income makes each other apart

The discomfort between Hess and her boy friend begins Yu Yitian in the evening. She wants to go in the urban district originally new the cafes that open business lies fallow one time, the boy friend that works in a company however hopes to eat a dinner to finish sth however.

When her demur when, her boy friend says: "Such making that we sense exceeding in a bad mood, the money that makes because of you is more than us, we now with respect to face-off. " finally, they did not take that one step, but their feeling also heretoes, this lets Hess feel exceedingly sad, "I like really very much so schoolboy, if did not produce so much thing, I think we return meeting continual. I think we return meeting continual..

Actually from at the beginning, they are in the position of imparity. Their first time meets is to be in Hess' apartment, passing the appointment that arranges meticulously also is good time. However his boy friend however " do not want to let me go to his home, the outer suburbs of cloth Lu Kelin that because he is lived in,can'ts bear in the disorder or Bulangkesi (Newyork city most the one area) that north carries. " Hess says.