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Interesting Tan Bai gets " charge the life "
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Wang Qi -- like it to learn it

The job: Company employee

Respecting of king fine jade attends psychology to seek advice from division to groom the reason of the class appears very simple: "Duty factor of that paragraph of time is more disengaged, just groom the place leaves my home close, I want to manage to find time originally oneself charge, went. Went..

"But the hobby is the most crucial still. " Wang Qi is emphasized emphasized, "The major in the university and psychology concerned, I with respect to him take as an elective course psychological, what can acquire is fur only. The psychology that also tries to join a few companies after graduation grooms class, too only. Of psychological advisory division groom class, I want to just suit me, very practical. Very practical..

In all course on the teacher, wang Qi is right " the person's disposition " tell be interested particularly. "When the different disposition that when the teacher each analyses a person, I can contrast the character in the life one by one even rise. " this feeling resembles a surgeon a bit, fur can see only previously, and thorough now skeletal structure.

Course learns, wang Qi still does not have there's still time to go to take an examination, but friends are to her evaluation: "More action person liked. " him Wang Qi also holds out feel embarrassed: "Say a bit more in vain, it is my comparing more agile before more included. " in the life and job, this kind is mixed neatly include, can you avoiding very much a few grind and conflict?

   2 student

Che Li -- I am sedate now a lot of

The job: IT sale

The beginning of the year just attends this year groom the study that the Che Li of the class passes 4 many months, took psychology smoothly to seek advice from the certificate of division. Do not cross her and become a psychology to seek advice from division without the plan: "Can apply psychology well in present practice rise, I am very satisfactory. I am very satisfactory..

What Che Li is engaged in is the job of IT sale respect, can contact different client everyday. "Person and person are different, I with changeless should 10 thousand change, time grows, oneself feel to have bit of ability not equal to one's ambition, I need complement ' energy ' ! I need complement ' energy ' !!

Work more actuation, it is the ego evaluation of Che Liqian empty. "What thing, I thought of to be able to be done. The meeting in the job pays many price, when getting along with others, because this offends a person,also meet. " the weakness that realizes oneself, che Li with respect to suit the remedy to the case, let psychological him help.

"This is just like the process that is an ego analysis. Opposite at fundamental class, I like to listen to analyse case most, my a lot of classmates also are. A lot of things seem to analysing his. " the insanity that is just like a lot of girls to be agreed with shops disease, everybody knows this is the disaster that impulse causes, the impulse that can want to restrain a heart relies on reason with respect to need. Che Li fears when just signing up he holds to no less than coming very much, wasteful time wastes money. But now, she feels time of 4 half-moon study passes too quickly. "The friend says I am sedate now a lot of. " Che Li laughed undemonstratively.
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