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Flower of Beijing University school arrives from the talented woman money daught
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Know Li Ying's person, plaint God shows appreciation for sb to hers, a woman wants to have, li Ying had completely almost: She ever was the talented woman with famous Beijing University " school is beautiful " ; She begins 23 years old to make car trade, 10 million yuan earned inside 3 years; She is judged to be " 10 old prominent young people of Beijing " , " Chinese economy female is crackajack contributive character " , ever was judged to be by a few media " the Asia is the most fashionable glamour woman " .

First time and Li Ying meet, it is to be 3 years ago. In those days, she just decorates the building of nearly 1000 square metre, glorious opens a racing bike of the nimble when protecting according to person ground. Meet with Li Ying again, she already changed BMW drive. "Do you like BMW car of a few departments? " " my 3 departments, 5 departments, 7 departments have. The sense that the car of different department gives you is different, I often am changed. I suggest the friend buys a few BMW more. " her word lets a reporter be surprised, value the renown car of 1 million, if change a clothes,be said by her unexpectedly relaxed. Beijing University " school is beautiful " go into business is in business " if say I am lucky, because I am good at discovering opportunity, creation opportunity,that is, grasp an opportunity, at the same time I pay attention to oneself accomplishment, enrich oneself ceaselessly. " the opening remarks when Li Ying sees a reporter is very honest.

Li Ying still remembers him entering the first day of Beijing University up to now. "I stand before the window of the dormitory, feel very excited on one hand, because I realized the desire that I long for day and night; Also cherish a few minutes of perturbed and uneasiness at the same time, how should because do not know,the route henceforth go. in those day, I see ceaselessly sedan stops in downstair, each dresses up the girl that there are self-confidence and superior move on fashionable, face goes from the car. This perhaps stimulated me. I tell myself in the heart, must buy a car for oneself in the future -- the effort that relies on oneself and hardship. " the Li Ying in Beijing University campus, famous degree of imagination that exceeds average person -- nobody do not know her in campus is a talented woman, study result is good, the person grows beautifully, ever took up the post of school level 5 years continuously the compere of literary show looks in teacher and classmate, li Ying future is like bright and beautiful, await her will be the sunshine highway that bespreads a flower. When graduating 1992, opportunity of one pile obtain employment placed her before. "What I learn is Japanese literature major, classmates think best place to go reachs day endowment industry namely. But I not so think. A Chinese accomplishs very high position very hard over, do not have namely too much ascendant space. My disposition is very good strong, this road does not suit me. " she also does not wish to take national office. "I am preferred do sth unconventional or unorthodox, like to reveal oneself personality very much. In national office, need you to grind the edges and corners that makes the same score your in a lot of respects probably, what I do not need such lifestyle. Another choice is to stay school when the teacher, such life is stable and poor. I admit myself or some adore vanity. So, what also I do not hope this kind of life. " go into business! Li Ying is taking the drive that calf gives birth to to not be afraid of a tiger first, chose to do poineering work independently this road.
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