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Take high pay: Can rely on oneself only
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The youth calls Li Ming to open, software is engaged in checking the work all the time after graduating from major of Shenzhen university electron 2005, to now already 3 years, yearly salary was achieved 100 thousand. After talking greatly, the reporter feels this looks very common youth, the sturdy belief that having a lot of undergraduate place to be not had and specific professional target.

University major has him ability to be in charge of to future only into the visionary hope

Reporter: How don't you choose to be engaged in the major that you learned 4 years, and turn to do software to check all right?

Li Ming opens (next) weighing discipline: Actually that just can go up big 3, what learn because of me is major of electronic business affairs, the relevant position such as sale of main and applicable network. Once also had wanted to do this professional work, can be at that time, such company throughout the country says to give a name so a few, wanting to enter is a bit difficult really. And see the elder sister of division of division elder brother with major ran to apply for a job very long, also did not find appropriate, helpless pursue other jobs, want to change a major at that time so. I already cannot rely on present diploma to apply for a job via realizing at that time, had been confirmed to won't do by the person place of countless graduation, thinking over to learn bit of new thing, after graduating fortunately can need not be apply for a job be anxious. After all only oneself just are in charge of to oneself future, only oneself just can hold oneself future.

Accidental medium inevitable heavy " goes to school "

Reporter: How to choose to learn software to check at the outset?

Discipline: If enter this industry now,think at that time, when waiting for development to rise, I also had had experience of a few years, take many advantages necessarily, attend very quickly so groomed.

Solid knowledge and ability make him downwind downstream

Reporter: "Obtain employment " is instantly most the problem that invites an undergraduate to have a headache, are you being finished it is difficult to after grooming, apply for a job?

Discipline: I apply for a job very successful, " is ordered with respect to " be givinged by Hai Hui when graduating. I took the salary with top probation at that time -- 4000, and still contacted test of Microsoft is so big purpose work. When I enter office, suit period shorter than someone else, because test strategy, method has studied in central system, test the knowledge such as report compose, put in what to need the course that suit far from so, instantly with respect to begin. But after completing a such big projects, the leisure that appeared to count a month period. I feel to ought not to waste these time, the time of a few months can acquire a lot of new test ideas and method to me, increase more test experience, so I found new job after a year tide. Before be being depended on, the test experience of large project reachs test theory and sound technology, manager(checks a manager) want to promote me to be test group group leader. But my idea at that time however rather, I or hope can become engineer of a test in basic level, accumulate the test experience of some of different software more, so that there will be more capacious development henceforth. What software test and other technology post differ is to pay attention to test experience more, because have rich test experience to be able to make up for the inadequacy in other side, can use different method more to discover Bug as far as possible, assure the quality of software product, so I did not accept the leader's promotion at that time, lead of course also very understand me.
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