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Open the Gates in compound eye: Modest talent
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"Clever? Talent? Is thinking barpque? Not, what Ci builds in my understanding is idiosyncratic it is modest. " Cengren Microsoft vice-president, the Li Kaifu that currently holds the post ofpresident of cereal song China says, "A modest talent, very god-given. "

In Li Kaifu's memory, gates is it is the person that likes competition very much originally, "He enjoys a controversy, want to hear different point of view, always want to win again. " can be emulative heart and curiosity, did not affect Gates to become a modest person finally, "Assistant of a technology argues with Gates happening, assistant says, ' Gates you are wrong! ' Gates says, ' I am right. ' in

' wrong and right ' after a few rounds of refuse to budge, assistant listed the evidence of full and accurate, build Ci then suddenly be enlightened, reply immediately, ' you are right, I am wrong. ' "

"I always can answer recall this past, what be asked about to build Ci so is idiosyncratic, the first my reaction is modest, perhaps say forthright and sincere, " Li Kaifu says.

But, this modest talent that loves a controversy is not without adverse toward. In fact, gates begins to conceal the ability of own talent after 40 years old, it is not easy to finish this kind to retreat house backstage to transform. An example confirm that Li Kaifu writes down the hardship that Gates transforms at that time. "After letting the position of CEO to Baoermo, the viewpoint that builds Ci to hear Baoermo sometimes also does not agree, but he kept back is to did not stand up, he lets himself hard from emulative become modest and, this is very difficult. This is very difficult..

While Gates transforms, IT poineering Shi Zheng is in the period with new experience, the enterprise just needs no longer " of blue print type " grandiose technical mission, need of a lot of innovation was done first besides, then Microsoft also decides to begin afresh, this times is very fast will by dominant of another batch of talents.

And the philanthropist that the Gates of the decay that finish is trying hard to do a major at present, he taxes a total worth income, a minute of money did not leave offspring. Li Kaifu plaints say, "In 40 years old when, gates realizes, the value with alive life is not to have how to much leave however, even if just think of this,is how many person on this world, more do not talk to go up accomplished. More do not talk to go up accomplished..

Li Kaifu thinks, cover the good point on Ci body, for instance modest, also have not little effect to his own life manner, "After leaving Microsoft, what do we cross to communicate without redo, but I think, have the word of the opportunity later, hope to be able to devote into education together with Gates very much. Hope to be able to devote into education together with Gates very much..

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