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Duty field v/arc a well-traveled such explanation resume
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Arrive again spring, undergraduates this are busy applied for a job. I serve as a person to talk about invite applications for a job to middleaged duty field foxy old hand, the hope can be helped somewhat to choose course of study of everybody.

Want unlock above all an error, that is this year's college graduate applies for a job very hard.

To me, I am so old never had discriminated against a this year's graduates. And a lot of companies beside me, include my person of the same trade, also do not discriminate against. This bit of everybody can be at ease.

Normally for, the business module of a company is not had outside two chunk. One chunk is the business module of business affairs sex, included sale, market, client management to wait a moment, some companies also delimit project management to this together, also some companies conversely. And I am so old the job that pursues all the time, it is the job of market department.

Besides the business module of business affairs sex, those who remain is the business module of sex of production, research and development. For instance systematic development, test, project is carried out, project management, system is compositive etc.

Besides business affairs, production besides this two big module, namely a few routine relatively multifarious branch, for instance resource of administration, financial, manpower is waited a moment.

Generally speaking, although the this year's graduates lacks experience, but having advantaged advantage however, that is good model, good transform. So, of a lot of companies be willing to be in type of production, research and development this year's graduates of business section invite applications for a job.

But some post, for instance market department, sale ministry, need certain experience and age. Sell especially model branch, it is the experience with quite strong need is mixed more communication ability.

So, opposite this year's graduates, the business module of business affairs sex, apply for rise can have certain difficulty. But everybody need not lose heart, try a few companies more. Have certain dimensions for the most part, the company that has particular actual strength is not discriminated against this year's unripe.

talked at 2 o'clock one's deceased father grind and diploma.

From my individual for, I can be told responsibly, I see the other side is what school graduate scarcely. Change a word to tell, be Beijing University, still be 2 kinds of a certain not famous schools, to the person of invite applications for a job, it doesn't matter distinguishs the likelihood greatly.

May the friend that is about to graduate should consider study grinding issue. I tell everybody with the experience of my itself, if you want to take an examination of,grind, that is taken an examination of sturdily. Wait for you to begin the work, the friend in him associate with encircles a lot of more likely time, perhaps busy the job, or Tan Lian loves to wait a moment... you have so whole inside campus time very hard to read again! ! ! And read the thing in him brain, it is everybody is taken away not, no matter you will come be in distress it may not be a bad idea, it may not be a bad idea of be utterly isolated, it may not be a bad idea of have no way out, the knowledge in yourself brain, follow your lifetime, it is anybody loot does not go! ! ! If, you are more than 30 years old, wife makes a divorce with you, house, car is lost possibly. But knowledge won't be lost! What say here is knowledge, but read grind whether the knowledge of book translate into that reads oneself, that is about to see that.
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