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Li Jiacheng management " brains does not have hands or feet "
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Most person thinks group canal accuses is thing of cramped of a false or true: It is important that both neither knows it has many, also do not want to be touched too much touch it. But some people however from beginning to end very the issue that minds group canal to accuse, their company became later and write down Huang Bu, turn housing card into oil and IBM. These well-known companies are located the industry is having great difference, but their success is little not strong group canal accuses.

Financial control -- often mix preterhumanly write down Huang Bu

This kind of mode is OK figure the earth's surface is narrated for " have head, do not have hands or feet " . Old preterhuman Li Jiacheng is mixed subordinately write down yellow Bu group, employee exceeds 180 thousand person, in the whole world 45 countries manage haven and relevant service, real estate and hotel, retail, make reach the sources of energy and capital construction business to also have quite large proportion in the group. Old preterhuman let even and write down Huang Bu to serve a domain to also cut a figure again and again in Internet and telecommunications.

A group of such numerous and jumbled, li Jiacheng chose the canal that finance affairs gives priority to to charge pattern. As a whole, just invest decision-making center as with the headquarters that marks Huang Bu, li Jiacheng is in attention morely centrally financial management, investment is decision-making go up with executive monitoring. The gain circumstance that what he pays close attention to is subordinate unit only and oneself invest the profit of redound, capital, and the production of two pairs company is managed do not grant bother about -- it is OK that they should achieve financial goal only.

Strategic control -- the choice of most group company

At present most group company is used on the world or turning to this kind of canal to charge pattern, housing card oil is among them have one of representative groups most. Group of housing card oil is in the world 2005 500 strong in rank the 4th, annual interest embellish is as high as 200 much dollars.

In group of housing card oil, to assure the implementation of subordinate unit objective and group whole benefit the biggest change, very tall to the dependency requirement of business of each subordinate unit. What form bright contrast with big group figure is, housing card petrolic group headquarters is very small, main concentration is having integrated balance, increase a bloc the work is done on integrated benefit, if coordinate the contradiction between each subordinate unit, balance of the resource demand between each enterprise, senior officer breed, of experience share etc.

Operation control -- along with the IBM that needs meet an emergency

Use operation control canal to accuse the industry group of mode, the concentration that often adopts height to group natural resources is controlled and manage, run an activity in order to seek a company unite and optimize. They manage all sorts of production to run activity and specific business directly mostly, headquarters plans to be made from the strategy carry out almost whats are in charge of.
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