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Differ with labour fulfil, how to answer the question with unjust pay
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After graduation works 1 year, my undergraduate course just is joined now of the company, just let me be at a loss a little to the multifarious job when selling a ministry. There is an age to take a few months of company earlier than me with my about the same girl in the colleague, the problem is encountered to often be consulted to her in the job. She is quite enthusiastic also, in the course of contacts, I and she became a good friend very quickly.

Be familiar with the job gradually rise, also made many outstanding achievement. But I also begin to feel, oneself earning photograph comes out to say than paying, it seems that a bit less. The company has do not become the regulation of article, cannot ask each other between the colleague namely and discuss wage issue. Because do not have the heart that guard against, I am furtive li of pay oneself told that girl, remember her saying at that time, my pay photograph is taller than rising to still calculate, but when I ask her pay, she just laughs however laugh say, "As about the same as you " , I innocent also did not have suspicion. Her professional ability is better than me at that time, wanted to also be balanced in the heart some.

Go two years with respect to such flash, I got raises chance during. Very happy also told that so called friend, we are returned one case went be being celebrated smally below.

However, I just discover recently, some things are not me completely want in that way.

Because colleague Xiaoli resigned to be on bad terms with the director, I sympathize with him quite, comforted him a few. Cannot think of, he says to me however: Xiaosu, flat you also resign, you were paid for the company so much, however all the time so little salary. That outstanding achievement and you about the same XX (it is me that so called friend) pay is you all the time double much still. At that time, I am very open-eyed, uncertainty, examining minutely his message is true. He just says: Do not believe oneself to ask. I actuation run challenge before XX, she is a bit awkward, try to deny, but, see her the expression at that time, what I know Xiaoli says is true. So I am cheated all the time.

I feel very indignant, want to do an employer at that time over there, this is too inequitable, alarming with respect to abdication. Can return some reason at long last, come down calmly, I am thinking all the time, outstanding achievement we are about the same, she is to compare me to want some glibber, but, salary is unapt also differ so big. Does the reason go out after all where? I seek advice today, want to figure out this a little bit namely. Actually for the heart, I do not want to find new job very much, but continue to stay, I think I cannot bear next this tones, be versed in the pay of different fulfil lets a person catch really together so mad, how should I do?

How to answer pay unjust

I want raises, how to add?

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