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The administrative nutrition of the person that succeed
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Sea cleans out sand, heroic whetstone sword!

Reforming and opening 30 years, chinese economy from backward march toward fly, chinese industry rises from budding trend, a batch of successful entrepreneur enter historical arena already, prop up the thumb of Chinese commerce, lead the strike of Chinese management, general gets the support of common people. Beyond question, the administrative concept of these commercial leader and administrative method are deciding the future of Chinese enterprise. So, should we go up from their body derive what nutrition? Does their in one's heart shed dripping commercial gene to will lead Chinese management to move toward He Fang?

Home appliance the management of the first CEO innovates

1984, zhang Ruimin of assistant manager of company of Qingdao city home appliance received the turn sex hour of life, he is appointed to be Qingdao freezer total plant factory manager, the legend of Er of a paragraph of sea of course of study of Chinese home appliance also is pulled open at this point prelusive. With " famous brand strategy " for guidance, zhang Ruimin leads an industry from a be in debt 1.47 million yuan collective small plant, development is as high as 118 billion yuan sea Er group for global turnover, make the world manufacturer of home appliance of the 4th big white, China has value brand most.

Chief partner Wang Pu is accepting advisory group of management of Beijing University freely " handler " when interviewing, say, "Arrive from OEC SBU, do good screw to arrive from everybody everybody is vigor cell, piece Er finished a lap-strap territorial sea from manufacturing industry 20 centuries peaceful straps the flight that makes 21 centuries humanism. Piece Er finished a lap-strap territorial sea from manufacturing industry 20 centuries peaceful straps the flight that makes 21 centuries humanism..

Draw lessons from the administrative method of foreign advanced company, zhang Ruimin is achieved piece " day work day finishs, day quiet day is tall " OEC management pattern, the target is layer upon layer decompose quantify a person, to everybody, every thing that does everyday undertakes clearing controlling. This one mode still is broad up to now the pattern plate that production company studies.

1999, hai Erjin of Zhang Ruimin's leader is the business flow give somebody a new lease on life of ligament with market catenary all right, innovate exploration goes out complete a management of SBU is academic. Structure of organization of type of linear to Chinese enterprise function undertook this one theory change, make every every branch, employee faces the market, change function is flow, change industry gain is the biggest melt into client is consummate.

Face globalization competition, zhang Ruimin exploration goes to sea Er " person odd syncretic " informatization management, adopt the measure person and link up with of order for goods, implementation and user 0 distances, sale is 0 inventory, receivable Zhang money 0 exceed the time limit. "Person odd syncretic " for Chinese enterprise globalization management offerred innovation thinking.
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