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Test: You are a what manner to the job
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Assume your station centrally has east, south, on the west, north 4 direction, which one way can you choose excuse me?

Go southward

Go toward north

Westerly goes

Toward east go

The result is as follows:

● chooses the friend that visits southward

Make work manner, you are easy bilk bilk, often have setback feeling, find oneself satisfactory job very hard. Need a lot of assistant to help your work that finish, dependence is heavier. Have too much hope, taller to oneself ability performance demand, make oneself become more cowardly. To new thing, often hesitate not before whether to want to try.

Be an upright person manner: Feel oneself are undesirable, individual character is accordingly weak, need close friend to affirm his decision. Make a friend not easily, because you often avoid a crowd, think most person is inimical, the intimate that because this can be handed in,arrives is not much also.

● chooses the friend that visits toward north

Make work manner, it is hardworking model character, also have quite good leadership. Work extremely rationally, won't have a hand in interference or the issue that handle others easily. All along OK others of cent of very clear area is others, oneself are oneself, do not appeal to the person easily accordingly, also not be good at making allowances for the need of others, often be alone worker.

Be an upright person manner: Always pass after measuring, ability choice and who becomes a friend. Often pass all feeling rational analysis, because your friend most is,be together because of mutual need. If do not deserve to go up your friend or lover, often cannot get your friendship and will go from you eventually.

● chooses the friend that westerly visits

Make work manner, you are extremely rich sense of responsibility, but it is good to must ask in others or just agree under surveillance, can compliant others is the one big characteristic that you work, not very hold to oneself see. Working to individual interest and choice also is such. Working choice gets beside the person's impact is very big, whether success and beside the person has very big concern.

Be an upright person manner: Need a person very cordial, take a friend seriously, but sometimes too overheat affection, outsmart oneself instead. Because do not know divisional friend, the fault regards everybody as good friend, have the tendency of excessive enthusiasm. On human relation, because of perception difference heart often feels doleful and empty.

● chooses to go to east the friend that visit

Make work manner, you are to work the person with sedate, stronger enterprise. Encounter a setback to be able to have abandon idea, but the job that is engaged in liking criterion won't, it is the succeed person of carry sth through to the end. Because this finds out your interest, the work that does you to love to do is very serious.
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