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Test: The elimination that suits you most pressure means

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You accept the friend's invitation, go to sea by ship together go playing. The sky that day very fine, weather is very good, your mood is very happy also. You are in maritime angled after fish of a period of time, take a rest temporarily first with respect to the decision. Then you cast anchor below, in maritime book keep two hours left and right sides. At that time, do you feel can you choose where to rest?

The 1 stratosphere to the boat goes

The 2 board to bow go up

3 arrive inside cabin

4 go to buttock

The result is as follows:

Choice [go to the stratosphere of the boat] person

The hope rests in tall place you, express you very care about the expression before others. To satisfy the oneself desire, pressure to eliminate oneself, it is feel only a little the mood is bad, you can eat the food that eats oneself to like or it is to shop shop etc, transform possibly your atmosphere. Let the mood one better, relative your job ability can undertake very smoothly.

Choice [go up to the board of bow] person

Meet the person that selects fore part, in the depth of your bottom of the heart, holding in the arms all the time: "Want to travel to the other place. " thought. This ground Founder represents so called bow the desire with mobile consider; Go abroad or suggesting you might as well is hubble-bubble hot spring pretty good also. If this different does not have method implementation temporarily, that goes treating the lake also is very good remove the method of pressure. If be done in that way,believe, your pressure can be blown to come loose by wind.

Choice [to go inside cabin] person

Cabin is the place that the passenger collects, communicate the place of message namely. Meet the person that picks this key, basically you think very much and everybody is spent happily together. The elimination that suits you most of course the good method of pressure is together boisterously with friends namely. Feel depressed when you or be when the mood is bleak, do to dine together for the center with you or mighting as well is to sing sing card to pull OK pretty good also. After coming out the malcontent word in your heart entirely before friends, can be your pressure also eliminated a lot of?

Choice [go to buttock] person

Can choose aft, state your present spirit and physical strength comparative the ground is fatigue, what thing also carries disinclination to do. Such pattern that you fit to rest most is: Unplug your line! Will work or be lesson is cast temporarily go at the same time; A person actors or actress idle ground is spent. If whats do not become the word that cannot make you static issue a heart to come, suggest you read a book or be a video tape, also be special effectual. Such crossing two, after 3 days, when have in your heart " the feeling that wants to work " when, go resuming your work again.

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