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Test: How to hold your preferment fortune
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Title: If you are transparent person, can move back and forth freely everywhere, nobody can know what you are doing, have so boundless power, can you want to some of what thing do?

1, theft valuable

2, do everywhere destroy, do the bad thing of a few allergy

3, the person that is close to adore

4, mischief, open some of not affect the whole little joke

1, choose " theft valuable "

Your ambition is very old, want to have many things, no matter be authority or it is an interest, you do not wish to let off. These purposes also are in the director's eye, nevertheless, wanting you only is a talent, boss of course also won't treat unfairly you. You must create the individual's largest dominant position first, endeavor to seek show, take tall fraction first, just have opportunity and person negotiation. But also cannot too too complacent, if encounter won't cherish the boss of ability, may think some of method to kill the drive that kills you.

2, anthology " do everywhere destroy, do the bad thing of a few allergy "

Your consciousness capacity is right, do not wish to suffer any grievance absolutely so. If have what discriminate, you can open up greatly immediately injustice. Nevertheless, you also can see a person very much, can observe the director is to attribute what kind of part first, just decide this complain of being wronged. Occasionally, you also know to should close the mouth first, make a few achievement come well, be in next opportune opportune moment, strive for due interest for oneself again.

3, choose " the person that is close to adore "

You are a bit gluttonous, nevertheless, it is only inside allowable category, you just can start work use an opening. Usual time, you can restrain your desire, although feel oneself get unfair treatment, you or meeting are borne come down. To boss, still respect the authority of the other side very much. You expect axiom appears silently, believe to want to try hard all the time only, total meeting lets a person discover his value and contribution.

4, choose " mischief, open some of not affect the whole little joke "

You are like is anchoret tall person, the fight in the office won't mingle on one foot forever, because you are essential,not be in with respect to annals this. Arrived every time human affairs transaction when, you always are place oneself thing outside, care naught for, because do not like too complex human affairs fight, won't behave designedly so. You very be afraid of by the eddy of contend for power and profit of be involved in in, would rather defend oneself work, how to install share share to become a young staff member. Want the word that be promoted, the boss that has to see you has this kind of eye.

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