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Measure the insight that measures you how
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See the fairy tale story that pass in one's childhood, can have with respect to its you ever oppugned content? Be in " the little girl that sells match " in fairy tale, do you feel to following where indissoluble?

A little girl sells match.

B little girl not from escape over there father.

Person of C neither one helps that little girl.

Person of D neither one buys a match to her.

A: Calf sighs male " where does Tiao of iridium of one of  of Xi of Gou of  of money of Pi of Su of throat of scar of a legendary bird with poisonous feathers of Meng of lofty of Chinese toon of Fu of  of  of chasm of  of  of  of ⒓  Ping wrap up to bright Bi of Fu of grave  in the company of mu Sai Yi of  evil spirit collects dainty of U of cape sleep Jie not scar of Meng a legendary bird with poisonous feathers

B: Brag mother of frequency of a small ingot of gold or silver of smelt metal suddenly is building the  that press  to hang  of  of  of  of  hawk vinegar 2 shine Qin of oxime of tooth of Gorgon euryale of provide for of besmear of exhausted  of which д of vertebra of lid of  of oxime of @ of yo of Yun of ナ of Xie of badge of joyous daughter-in-law of circle of  of  of oxime  Gai Zhu!

C: ? helps little girl " feel the strangest without the person, be medium the one's heart's desire of former writer. This also states you see the person's eye, a bit poor. Humanness integrity is a favour. But the heart that you are without doubt person unexpectedly, if the someone says, close completely according to sheet, a bit did not prevent the person's heart, not be meddlesome however.

D: Otter of  of Quan of  of compose of  of the Mao of faint of  of Xi of Dong of Yi of  betray private school that chant 6 read fear Huang Qiaowan Wei of  of  of  of Xian of  of Mao of wall of neon of Lu of this   grinds armour of act ㄇ injury grows permanent teeth falcon blows  of copy T imperial mandate to lie incomplete of rare  cook, 6 minutes when get than relying on effort and actual strength, give higher opinion.