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Check the potential liability of your career

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● problem

If meeting economy is stagnant, the company produced financial crisis, already a month did not get pay, how can you do at that time?

A. Resign immediately

B. Requirement boss raises

C. Requirement boss sends half pay at least

● answer is analysed

Choose A: You are an ambitious person

You are relatively ambitious person, want to think oneself actual strength is not defeated by others only, meet to doing poineering work by oneself itch to try; Having Aries, Leo and archer the tendency with very tall consider oneself.

Choose B: Can main pursuit belongs to his career

When all sorts of conditions are had inadequately, you are sustainable the suffering that go to work, but after assistant is plump, belong to oneself career with respect to can main pursuit; Having taurine, Scorpio and demon Jie lean situation and bed tendency.

Choose C: You are having the ability that holds several duty concurrently personally

You are having the ability that holds several duty concurrently personally, hold a post at the company while the career that develops oneself again, the ability after considering success and failure decides abdication; Having Gemini, Libra and water bottle the tendency of both sides sweep the deck.

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