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Choose pet to measure your human impact
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● checks: There are all sorts of pets in pet shop, cat of wolf dog, Persia, chameleon, do you want to raise which kind of?

Dog of A, wolf

Cat of B, Persia

C, chameleon

D, do not raise any creatures

● answer analyses:

Choose A: You are a person that likes organization life

In the organization, you can want in spite of oneself to be close to with everybody, because of this nurturance the disposition of your be gregarious, your popularity also is not differred likely accordingly, you have most propbably certainly a lot of good friends! But once you encounter a setback truly, the processing means of your most, it is a person ponders alone, adjust, solve, blame is necessary won't to someone else ask for help, this kind of figure is the sense that gives others at ordinary times unlike you!

Choose B: You are a gentle person

At ordinary times the impression that you give a person is gentle, a pair of effeminate about, but actually in your heart doughty, you have yourself principle of obstinate and not easy oscillatory, in a word, your " outside soft inside firm " can scare certain person sometimes, can make certain person is looked at with new eyes to you sometimes. Your friend is not much, but the good friend that is your intimate absolutely each each; Once your love, you can narrow accordingly your circle, gain and loss wants him to measure cough up!

Choose C: You have a lot of friends

You have a lot of friends, but you maintain a few somes of distances not can self-consciously with them, the freedom that preserves a bit soul more gives him; Your mood bad or experience setback, gu sits cafe one afternoon, or a person arrives seaside, quieter than pouring out to be able to let you more with the friend. You are unwilling Yu Ping is weak, your mystery, special, be attract a friend advocate because of, accordingly a lot of people admire you!

Choose D: You cut time for two parts

In a word, you cut time for two parts, when be together with the friend, you are the person of enthusiasm of a be gregarious, you also are enjoyed among them; Return the home, you are a quiet and close-lipped person, actually you also can enjoy hour of this kind of blank quite. Actually you also addiction of clean of a bit spirit, belong to oneself space, you do not hope to was manacled, if you feel pressure in favor, you cannot be borne more than average person, you are the person with an outside and enthusiastic sober heart.

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