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Test: Actuating pressure has after all how old
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If you received a letter that the company sends, signing is which branch, tagged the model of written characters of name and address of sender enclosed only, you can consider as:

The A, birthday that be like today is not me, be what activity the company should conduct again? Open immediately see the bottom has the thing with strange what again.

There is what concept inside B, heart, just feel quite strange what why to perhaps work in the same place through email is oral communicate? Ravel first look to say again.

C, feel a bit abnormal, reckon with the hand the page inside is counted first, again to the place with enough light first " clairvoyant " , feel to hit a phone to communicate and enquire to colleague good friend first next tear open again.

Some are D, afraid, can be the letter A of resignation letter and so on, if be really such, how should I do then? Such thought exists all the time until ravel the letter reads true content.

Result analysis:

Choose A

The specification is more satisfactory to duty factor, have hope very much to his ability and position, do not have the pressure on what job almost at ordinary times. If can have the word that did not walk on Bao Bing and handle the work like the manner that walk on, give oneself a few pressure appropriately aim at higher end, can create bigger development vacuum for oneself in that way;

Choose B

Express the job to although did not feel the pressure with special what,go up, but also do not have very;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to confidence, commonner.

If can discover new him attraction in the job place, the show that perhaps can produce the respect of own potential to will go up to working is more helpful;

Choose C

Show the job had given him the pressure on certain level actually, can let oneself feel nervous sometimes, certain moment can have him is not very;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to feeling. Still care quite to working itself, the proposal can be passed for self-ordained a series of job plans that include to groom inside, increase oneself value.

Choose D

The likelihood mirrors a job to bring his a lot of pressure not only, and the burden that may become him spirit to go up sometimes. Can mix from comprehensive him analysis working environment two respects proceed with, make a target, undertake planning seriously to present job and the development in the future, ability is unapt appear to potential change be at a loss what to do. Remember, result from successfully plan.