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Test: How do you choose duty field temptation

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This day you go on the road, somebody is sending try out to taste before abrupt discovery, approach to just discovered somebody sends clean face paper to give you, how can be you done?

A, do not like to keep away from so

B, reject to close

C, he sends you to close

Go D, actively be being asked for to him

The answer:

Choose A: You can say is to have high clean hobby model person. Intense ground thought to receive the face paper with this kind of unidentified antecedents in the heart, can draw on needless misunderstanding. Affective desire following to money in your heart actually is very strong, wait for you which days to do not have method to conceal this kind of desire that hide so, you can be flooded by this kind of desire.

Choose B: Your heart is defying with some kind of temptation it seems that, and you can depress yourself to reject to get the temptation of the outside. Because you believe in case unfortunate submit to is below temptation when, will cannot extricate oneself.

Choose C: In get when temptation, proper response is made inside the range that you are not affecting him life step. Be can the adapt oneself to changing circumstances, person that inspect a condition and decides.

Choose D: Observe what society standard with its, you feel to still be inferior to getting along by your be fond of. Plainspoken, must be subject to the office worker of organism regulation lives, can bury your talent sometimes, you suit yourself to do poineering work very much when the boss!

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