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Test: Your profession goes to be in which character

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In barren mountain wild mountain confused a road when the journey, at this moment colour of sky is late already, there is a little room only near your disclosure, force be forced act against one's will to master stay overnight at sb else's place, 4 rooms that but house is master,the couple tells you the house however be haunted, must below the circumstance of take up one's quarters, which room can you choose?

A. Have individual head from the window outside ferocious goggle at the room that you sleep.

B. The toilet can transmit the room of switch door sound and feminine groan sound.

C. You lie go to bed goes to the room that the bed begins to shake not to let you sleep.

D. Awake in the middle of the night the room that sees a ghost that do not have a head sits in bedside.

The answer:

What the A, job most that you suit has him is exclusive space. Although earn not much, but the income source that has stability, and fixedder, be affected not easily by environment place. Somebody from the goggle at outside the window your representing comes from at be opposite your dissatisfaction and peculiar eye, the effect is caused not easily to you in the delegate outside the window. For example the teacher's job, no matter how don't you get student reception, but be not met,lost rice bowl easily. Other for example the carefree job of officeholder is OK also range this.

B, you prefer quiet work, especially the director human affairs of the company or it is other behind the curtain engineers the job that wait. The toilet can transmit the groan sound of switch door sound and woman, can be come from on behalf of you the pressure at superior or be a director scold. Rise quite, you aux would rather wait for all the day air conditioning is blown to also not be willing to the outside in the office go bearing wind to blow insolation, the technician of industry of high-tech of other such as or engineer, the network engineer of the enterprise or it is the accountant also suit you quite.

C, you suit to be engaged in mobile sex stronger or business kind the job, your individual character is better move, sitting in the office to be afraid of all the day is meeting hold back gives disease to come, you also do not like to suffer cabined, so your profession also the job that apt often ambulates to out, wait a moment like insurance salesman, house-agent. When the bed begins to shake not to let you sleep to do business on behalf of you, visit a client to often can refuse, be rebuffed. Other the driver that resembling is old boss or it is the tourist guide also can be attributed to this kind.

D, you are good at be communicated with the person quite, because this is adjacent the job of masses is good to you. For example the committee member of TV star, government work that needs masses support calculates inside. The ghost that do not have a head sits in bedside to represent this individual and you are inseparable, who be but you cannot see him clear again,. Star like baseball can accumulate particular fan, the support that also relies on fan has a meal, but who to know again,be who same. The counterjumper of other the public relations that resembling is a company, convenience store or the service personnel that are a bank also suit you quite.

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