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Hu Yunyun
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The individual is basic data:
Full name: Hu Yunyun sexual distinction: Female
Give unripe date: On March 19, 1987 height: 165
Nation: Chinese weight: 52
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Seat of registered permanent residence: Jiangsu is current seat: Jiangsu appearance is asked for
Certificate type:
Id certificate number: 3210811987031*****
Intent of to apply for a job:
Working type: Full-time workplace: Area of Shanghai green riverside
Intent post one: Content flows / trade foreign trade kind buyer intent post 2: After selling kind of carry out / the client serves (blame technology) commissioner intent post 3:
Position name and skill purchase English of commissioner, foreign trade
Expectation pay: The face is discussed

Educational setting:
Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Shanghai TV university
Read time: Graduated in September 2006 time: In December 2008
The department fastens: Liberal art major: English
Other learns experience: The near future is undertaking the knowledge of the respect grooms purchasing.
Language one: Chinese adroitness language 2: English is good
Computer technical ability: Skilled title: Purchase assistant
Ability and special skill:
Good computer operates ability, to purchasing form pool, reach the formula of collect of a few data, the operation is skilled, familiar to purchasing the working flow terribly such as the sale.

Working experience:
Ceng Gong makes an unit: Shanghai Yin Tao golf is industrial limited company pursues a trade: Service line of business
Unit property: Dimensions of private enterprise company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in June 2006 in July 2007 post one: Buyer
Post 2: Administrative assistant director / the secretary is specific function: Communicate the processing of supplier and file equipment archives external
Working description: At ordinary times the job is involved the communication with the supplier and communicate, wait for the job with sheet, in addition, responsible still corporation is all the text file that purchases person specially assigned for a job works.
Other job experiences:
Individual offer one's services:
Each human affairs manager, everybody is good:
I of major of business affairs English, have English the assessment level of 4 class, the main job that pursue is involved purchase work with article secret, 1, purchase involve dog supplier of next client demand, sheet, connection, can look around at ordinary times along with chief inspector a few purchase can exhibit, qualitative to the material of the product classification has thorough knowledge. 2, the pool that purchases a file: Every company has the administrative kind of own file, my department is engaged in living in things design to reach retail, files of all important equipment archives that purchase a ministry, uniform by oneself collect files, so, to data and formulary processing, relatively agile, have skilled form collect capacity.
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