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Wang Gongfang
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The individual is basic data: Full name: Sexual distinction of Wang Gongfang: Daughter Give unripe date: On December 5, 1975 height: Nation of 156cm: Chinese weight: Marital status of 50kg: Married politics appearance: Seat of masses registered permanent residence: Jiangsu is current seat: Jiangsu connects the cloud harbor

Certificate type:

Id certificate number: 3207222975120*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Do not be restricted Workplace: Area of Shanghai yellow riverside Intent post one: Production / factory / industry kind storehouse administrator intent post 2: Content shedding / trade foreign trade kind storehouse administrator intent post 3:Production / factory / industrial apperception check / inspector position name and skill storehouse administrator, lab technician, inspector, expectation pay: 2000-3000Educational setting: Record of formal schooling: Technical secondary school Graduate school: Technical school of food of shade of Jiangsu the Huaihe River Read time: In September 1991 Graduation time: In June 1995 The department fastens: Brew craft Professional: Brew craft Other learns experience: Computer, psychological, drive. Language one: Chinese adroitness Language 2: English is general Computer technical ability: Intermediate Title: Technician Ability and special skill:
Alcohol and liquor craft, library canal and content flow. Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Limited company is engaged in plant of ethanol of Jiangsu suitable peaceful industry: Chemical industry / energy unit property: Dimensions of company of private enterprise: 100 people come 500 people from job time paragraph: Came in August 1995 in September 2008 post one: Technician post 2: Storehouse administrator is specific function: Storehouse is in charge of working description: Other job experiences advanced individual and advanced organization: Alcohol and liquor analysis examine. Individual offer one's services: Whatever work, I can be done hard, go doing attentively.

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