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Yin Ji He
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The individual is basic data:
Full name: Sexual distinction of Yin auspicious congratulate: Male
Give unripe date: On October 26, 1988 height: 1780
Nation: Chinese weight: 65
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Seat of registered permanent residence: Su Feng is current seat: Jiangsu Suzhou
Certificate type:
Id certificate number: 3203211988102*****
Intent of to apply for a job:
Working type: Full-time workplace: Shanghai
Intent post one: Mechanical (report) appearance kind machinery makes with design intent post 2: Intent post 3:
Position name and skill
Expectation pay: The face is discussed

Educational setting:
Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of technical secondary school: Advanced vocational school of Changzhou Liu Guojun
Read time: Graduated in September 2004 time: In October 2007
The department fastens: Machine give up is professional: Numerical control
Other learns experience: Was in 2004 school, orgnaization of Xin Lipei example, numerical control, benchwork, electrical engineering, lathe work, numerical control car
Language one: Chinese is good language 2: English is general
Computer technical ability: General title:
Ability and special skill:

Working experience:
Ceng Gong makes an unit: Suzhou east hill board gold pursues a trade: Treatment / make (industrial automation, equipment, component)
Unit property: Dimensions of company of joint stock company: 100 people come 500 people
From job time paragraph: Came in October 2006 in January 2008 post one: Hardware mineral products / metal
Post 2: Machinery creates as particular as the design function: Numerical control operation, QC
Working description:
Other job experiences: Was in Home Zhang 2008 Electromechanical of harbor concerted effort

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