Lin Yuting

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The individual is basic data: Full name: Sexual distinction of Lin Yuting: Daughter Give unripe date: On September 1, 1983 height: Nation of 158: Chinese weight: Marital status of 88: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member seat of registered permanent residence: Zhejiang is current seat: Zhejiang lukewarm city

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Id certificate number: 3303298309011*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Full-time Workplace: Area of Shanghai loose river Intent post one: Content flows / trade foreign trade kind buyer intent post 2: Sell kind of sale delegate / clerk will post 3:Machinery (report) appearance kind machinery is made with the design position name is mixed skill Expectation pay: 1000-2000Educational setting: Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning Graduate school: Institute of technology of Henan industry profession Read time: In September 2000 Graduation time: In July 2003 The department fastens: Electric equipment project is Professional: Electromechanical technology applies Other learns experience: Language one: Chinese adroitness Language 2: Computer technical ability: Good Title: Ability and special skill:
Oneself are acted on be practical and realistic, cordial wait for person, friendly solidarity be an upright person principle and use up oneself what the greatest ability does the business is better. Be thrown responsibly, self-confidently, actively seriously in the job and be brave in to innovate. Expect your interview finally. Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Guangdong. of limited company of metals of machinery of Dongguan numerous Shun pursues a trade: Trade unit property: 3 endowment company company dimensions: 100 people come 500 people from job time paragraph: Came in July 2003 in August 2005 post one: Buyer post 2: Particular function: Buyer job describes: Main job duty: 1. Get the order for goods that sells a hair to come, examine and approve affirm, search development appropriate supplier 2. To market level analysis and experience of other to supplying job: 2005-9 ~ 2006-8: Shanghai Sha brings exact pattern limited company
What belong to an industry: Treatment / make (industrial automation)
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