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The individual is basic data: Full name: Mr Wang sexual distinction: Male Give unripe date: On November 27, 1964 height: Nation of 170: Chinese weight: Marital status of 60: Maiden politics appearance: Seat of masses registered permanent residence: Luoyang is current seat: Henan Luoyang

Certificate type:

Id certificate number: 4103111964112*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Full-time Workplace: Do not be restricted Intent post one: Financial / audit / post of intent of chief inspector of statistical finance affairs 2: Finance affairs / audit / post of intent of manager of statistical finance affairs 3: Position name is mixed skill Expectation pay: DiscussEducational setting: Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning Graduate school: Institute of Henan finance and economics Read time: In September 1992 Graduation time: In June 1994 The department fastens: Economic management Professional: Accountant Other learns experience: Publish a paper
1, " discuss to what farmland asset carries out accountant business accounting " (2007 " the friend of the accountant " the 8th period)
2, " state-owned asset management discusses administrative institution " (2007 " the friend of the accountant " the 9th period)
3, " about the accountant the research of sincere letter problem " (2006 " accounting management studies new period finance affairs " )
4, " direct by contemporary risk audit " (2006 " the accountant reforms new perspective " )
5, " manage accounting problem superficial view about the freeway " (2007 " money is met monthly magazine " (accountant) the 3rd period) Language one: Chinese adroitness Language 2: Without Computer technical ability: Skilled Title: Advanced accountant Ability and special skill:
Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Luoyang bearing plant pursues a trade: Treatment / make (industrial automation, equipment, component) unit property: Dimensions of state-owned company company: 500 people above from job time paragraph: Came in July 1984 in December 1995 post one: Treasurer job 2: Financial manager is specific function: Job of accountant, officer treasurer, financial manager describes: Proof of primitive proof, work out charge to an account, 豋 writes down examine and verify detail of debt of material, cost, charge, creditor's rights classifies Zhang, 豋 writes down forms for reporting statistics of accountant of general ledger, work out other job experience: 96 years - luck of 97 years of Shenzhen and family property are industrial development limited company (the foreign trader invests an enterprise) financial manager undertakes dividing the work to accounting personnel, make " financial management system " , " method of cost norm management " reach business operating rules. Proof of charge to an account of examine and verify, general ledger, forms for reporting statistics of work out accountant, pay taxes declares a watch, undertake financial analysis, responsible pay taxes is declared.
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