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Cai Hang
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The individual is basic data:
Full name: Cai travel sexual distinction: Male
Give unripe date: On November 6, 1982 height: 178
Nation: Chinese weight: 75
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Seat of registered permanent residence: Jilin is current seat: Shanghai Shanghai
Certificate type:
Id certificate number: 2201021982110*****
Intent of to apply for a job:
Working type: Full-time workplace: Shanghai
Intent post one: The computer / IT/ Internet net runs intent station 2: Education / groom kind of education / post of intent of educational administration administrator 3: The computer / manager of IT/ Internet system / analyst
Position name and skill
Expectation pay: 2000-3000

Educational setting:
Record of formal schooling: School of undergraduate course graduate: Changchun industry university
Read time: Graduated in September 2003 time: In June 2007
The department fastens: Electronic information project is professional: Electronic information project
Other learns experience: Without
Language one: English 4 level language 2:
Computer technical ability: Skilled title: CEAC
Ability and special skill:

Working experience:
Ceng Gong makes an unit: Zhejiang fire report builds a company to pursue a trade: IT and Internet (computer soft hardware, communication)
Unit property: Dimensions of state-owned company company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in July 2007 in January 2008 post one: Nicety is mechanical / instrument appearance
Post 2: Particular function: The project is debugged
Working description:
Other job experiences: In Feburary 2008 up to now network of broadband of Shanghai Great Wall serves limited company

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