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The individual is basic data: Full name: Sexual distinction of Qiu Quan: Male Give unripe date: On December 25, 1987 height: Nation of 170: Weight of the Han nationality: Marital status of 59: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member seat of registered permanent residence: Jiangxi is current seat: South Jiangxi prosperous

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Id certificate number: 3625021987122*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Full-time Workplace: Shanghai Intent post one: The computer / IT/ Internet webpage makes intent station 2: The computer / post of intent of IT/ Internet programmer 3:The computer / name of position of engineer of IT/ Internet software and pay of expectation of skill software technology: DiscussEducational setting: Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning Graduate school: Jiangxi is contemporary institute Read time: In September 2006 Graduation time: In July 2009 The department fastens: Information branch department Professional: Software technology Other learns experience: Of short duration is not had. Language one: Chinese is perfectness Language 2: English is general Computer technical ability: Programmer Title: Software technology Ability and special skill:
Process designing. Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Jin Boyuan pursues a trade: IT and Internet (computer soft hardware, communication) unit property: Other company dimensions: 50 people are the following from job time paragraph: Came in September 2007 in October 2008 post one: The webpage makes a job 2: Software engineer is specific function: Project manager job describes: Software design, other job experiences process designing: Service industryIndividual offer one's services: Oneself are active up, hopeful, assiduous and academic, can hard-working, can get used to all sorts of environments quickly, self-study capability is strong; Wait for person enthusiasm, genuine; The job is serious and responsible, have solid process designing strength. Be brave in to meet new challenge; Active and active; Have stronger constituent capacity, have group collaboration mind.
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