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Zhang Ping
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The individual is basic data: Full name: Sexual distinction of Zhang Ping: Daughter Give unripe date: On Feburary 23, 1987 height: Nation of 155: Chinese weight: Marital status of 46: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member seat of registered permanent residence: Jiangsu is current seat: Jiangsu Changzhou

Certificate type:

Id certificate number: 3209251987022*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Full-time Workplace: Area of Shanghai rainbow mouth Intent post one: Sell station of kind of sale assistant intent 2: Sell kind of sale delegate / clerk will post 3:Administration / human affairs / civil service kind name of administrative assistant position is mixed skill Expectation pay: 1000-2000Educational setting: Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning Graduate school: Changzhou small engineering college Read time: In September 2005 Graduation time: In August 2007 The department fastens: Project of small chemical industry is Professional: High polymer material Other learns experience: Qualitative check Two summer vacation of the university Group of Changzhou new division
With sheet Will arrive 7 years in August now Changzhou flourish arranges electronic limited company
Business holds assistant concurrently Will arrive 7 years in August now Changzhou flourish arranges electronic limited company
Language one: Chinese is perfectness Language 2: English is good Computer technical ability: Intermediate Title: The clerk holds business Wu assistant concurrently Ability and special skill:
Certificate of English B class, certificate of computer B class, testimony of plastic function test and
Chemical analysis card. Can hard-working, disposition is optimistic, sedate, have energy, the enthusiasm that need a person, genuine. Have stronger suiting ability and study ability
Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Changzhou city flourish arranges of electronic limited company to pursue a trade: Property of electronic technology unit: Dimensions of company of private enterprise: 100 people come 500 people from job time paragraph: Will come 8 years 7 years in August in October post one: The sale represents / clerk post 2: Sale assistant is specific function: Sale company product manages description of client information job: Other job experiences information of client of management of sale company product: With sheet Changzhou city flourish arranges electronic limited company Half an year
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