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Zheng Chiwei
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The individual is basic data:
Full name: Zheng holds Wei sexual distinction: Male
Give unripe date: On April 27, 1987 height: 175cm
Nation: Weight of the Han nationality: 62kg
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: Party member of the Communist Party of China
Seat of registered permanent residence: Chongqing city is current seat: Jiangxi Nanchang
Certificate type:
Id certificate number: 5002341987042*****
Intent of to apply for a job:
Working type: Full-time workplace: Shanghai
Intent post one: Electronic communication / electric (implement) kind post of electronic engineer intent 2: Electronic communication / electric (implement) kind odd a machine / software of DSP/ low layer develops intent station 3: Electronic communication / electric (implement) kind circuit design
Position name and skill salary are OK the face is discussed
Expectation pay: 2000-3000

Educational setting:
Record of formal schooling: School of undergraduate course graduate: Nanchang project institute
Read time: Graduated in September 2005 time: In July 2009
The department fastens: Electric fasten major with electronic project: Electronic information project
Other learns experience:
Language one: English 4 level language 2:
Computer technical ability: The college is not computer major 2 class title: Monitor
Ability and special skill:
Mastered the application software such as language of assembly language, C, Protel, AutoCAD, Office adroitly. To computer hardware I somewhat specialty, the computer that passed national attestation 2 class grade takes an exam. In electronic design the respect that make starts work capability is stronger. To financial knowledge, business affairs negotiation also has abecedarian knowledge. Have a driver's license.

Working experience:
Ceng Gong makes an unit: Nanchang project institute pursues a trade: Learning / scientific research / artistic
Unit property: Dimensions of state-owned company company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in September 2005 in July 2009 post one: This year's graduates
Post 2: The this year's graduates is specific function: Monitor
Working description: Help work of counsellor management classes or grades in school, it is difficult that for classmates platoon care is solved.
Other job experiences: The electronic innovation that added our department to just held water in January 2008 does poineering work association;
Attended my school to held electron designs the contest that make and win winning prize in April 2008;
2007.1 attend Nanchang project institute and countryside of 9 river institutes, duckweed to wait for schools high only the “ a thousand li that 3 colleges begin jointly steps seek revolutionary way, pedestrian go up again gules culture of ” of the Jinggang Mountains teachs an activity.
Individual offer one's services:
During the university, I learned the ABC of major of electronic information project and professional skill systematically seriously, be familiar with 51 series sheet piece machine.C51 programming, pass the computer 2 class take an exam, have very strong self-study capability and the urge for improvement. Use Protel 99 adroitly, use C language writes a program, part drawing of machinery of use AutoCAD scale. Skilled operation solders component, debug etc. 2007 since hold the position of a monitor, below the joint efforts of classmates, our class was obtained title of ” of collective of “ advanced class acquired stake 2007 500 yuan. As your employee I am met the assiduous and hardworking, work experience that will make up for place to be deficient in with effort study, strive for make contribution for the company at an early date, I am willing to be mixed on the weekend work overtime in the evening reach can be away on official business or outside clique.
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