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The individual is basic data: Full name: Make sexual distinction of Chinese ilex: Daughter Give unripe date: On March 25, 1985 height: Nation of 164cm: Chinese weight: 47 kilograms of marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member seat of registered permanent residence: Shanxi Great Harmony is current seat: Heibei Tang Shan

Certificate type:

Number of certificate of student's identification card: 22040508*****Intent of to apply for a job: Working type: Full-time Workplace: Do not be restricted Intent post one: Administration / human affairs / civil service kind post of intent of human affairs assistant 2: Manage / manage kind of manager assistant intent post 3:Finance / be sure / name of position of adviser of negotiable securities conduct financial transactions and skill Expectation pay: DiscussEducational setting: Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course Graduate school: University of Chinese mining industry Read time: In September 2004 Graduation time: In September 2008 The department fastens: Management is Professional: Financial major Other learns experience: Ever jackarooed in industrial and commercial bank of Great Harmony city
In Shijiazhuang roc China estate holds the position of manager assistant
Office of association of industry of city Chinese chestnut is turned in abide by Language one: Chinese adroitness Language 2: English 4 class Computer technical ability: Skilled Title: Ability and special skill:
Oneself are good at intercourse, ability of study, government, get used to ability stronger, hard-working, conscientious Working experience: Ceng Gong makes an unit: Shijiazhuang roc China estate company pursues a trade: Estate reachs intermediary unit property: Dimensions of company of joint stock company: 100 people come 500 people from job time paragraph: Came in September 2007 in September 2008 post one: Estate develops / concoctive post 2: Administrative assistant director / the secretary is specific function: Estate development and sale job describe: Manager assistant assists the ability of leadership management company, the sale is an ability and the job that skill photograph combines, the office work carried out learns computer knowledge. Other job experiences:
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