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White-collar of modern office field abstains from maly
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1, odour man

The man is lazy, understand, understand, but oneself lazy gave flavour to indissoluble, indissolubled. Man pose as is overmatch, human each other opens the society medium backbone, so oneself figure also is attached most importance to especially wanted, not be to ask each resembles Zhou Runfa, but stem from various to the job esteem, at least should be neat and easy. Can some of man hair hits tuft, garment pants shines, brush a shoulder and fume too, indeed terrible, work in the same placing are close to hard, more never mention it worked jointly. Arrive from one extreme another extreme, gotten result is same likely, some men may pass to push odour suddenly to another end forcibly -- aroma fumes a person. The office serves as very rational public, the odour of grime of dirt of style of this kind of stage ought not to show up really.

2, orange man

The woman loves humorous man, the man of excessive humour, the woman is to say whats loved not to rise. In the office, it is OK that workshop speaks unoccupied placely slow and nervous work atmosphere, make everybody the mood is cheerful, but the man that Huang Duanzi tissue tells, not only can pollute air, and the awkwardness that still can bring person of a few faze.

3, piece man

The person unlike in the life signs up for paper character picture, can tick off an edge to exist, need to have oneself space however, it is such more in social association, the companion leaves too close in can some of man communicates in the job (especially female) , without allowing ground embezzlement the reservation space of other, if chronic ground reachs facial happen by chance by female colleague face, the hand takes female fellow worker sit on chair back of a chair, destroyed the distance of groovy and formal communication, abigail work in the same placing both neither good mouth reminds, feeling again is to detest very, affected bilateral working progress.

4, long-tongued man

Often say long-tongued Fu very let a person be fed up with, long-tongued receive man mouth in, be afraid be fed up with should add " more " word. Some men have this hobby unluckily however, always asking about the privacy of work in the same placing, hit unheard to weave at random, caused the needless misunderstanding between the colleague, the human relation order with disturbed normal.

5, the man of intolerance

Man ego a few had not been, the thing that because they need a person,carries is too much, paying them a few influence so also is manage place ought to. Whats are afraid of excessive, if ego surpasses horizontal play, to the man it is dangerous very. The job is group action, a person is finished very hard independently. So good-tempered, mutual support, mutual understanding also became the main platform that completes the work smoothly. A little old man has a pocket heart unluckily, have a bit with the colleague grind, misunderstanding nots comply not forgive, try every means hits retaliation, this kind of behavior is met only promote careful men to isolated abyss.
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