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"The white-collar charges group " adjust worry
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Wages rises too slow, firm work environment is bad, human concern is intense... enter since March, the article secret Xiaoli that fierce Chang Mou teachs advisory company decides abdication eventually, just passed a many month, search to be not worn tardy again however next homes, xiaoli was immersed in the angst that finds new job to be become for nothing period. "Before paragraph time, I must be no good with respect to angst in the home, eat bad restless. " accepting the Xiaoli when interviewing to say. Before a month, because she feels secretary job is drab, every sky class did not have enthusiasm, looked for a boss actively to submit resignation then. After abdication, small Liyou began new round apply for a job. She thinks she is college graduate originally, and the working experience that has two years, work and blame a trouble what seek portion satisfaction again. As a result a month comes down, she still did not find next homes. Depressed to extremely, xiaoli sends a card into the paper, want to abreact the discomfort in the heart. Do not want to follow the person that stick a lot of, it is to be in for the most part be the same as the circumstances of appearance with Xiaoli.

Be called among them " fish wrapping up bag " the netizen offers in the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender: "Since everybody had found new job, can him adjusting control mentation. Apply for a job by the side of us, edge exchange learns respective skill, use this air current fill next report, how? " the netizen indicates approval in succession to this one proposal, sign up for the skill dominant position that knows the job that oneself pursue and oneself, hope and white-collar friends are shared.

Yesterday, xiaoli tells a reporter, she is in QQ group in added technically " the white-collar charges group " . In the communication with the friend her state of mind is a lot of better, and she is learning a network to edit software to a friend now, next struggling target is to some famous website becomes network editor. The net hands in result of field drifting job, skill exchange charges, adjusted not only find new job period psychology is anxious, and charged freely to increase chip for the following job.