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Of fashionable white-collar hind small endowment the life
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 Recommend vogue 1: Simple

-- those who enjoy freedom is optional with convenient rate sex

Recommend reason: Contemporary white-collar, advocating concise, pure, natural lifestyle, they cast off unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, so that vacate a hand to come, vacate time to come, easy ground controls every clue of the job and life and detail... one-time, one cartoon, 2 syncretic, muti_function, full automatic, portable, goofy model, stand wait for 24 hours of desirable, services... lexical all without exception is permeating the mark sex popularity that these reflect modern life human nature turns consideration; Pull formula of coal tub, white-collar, remote controller, sound fastfood face, easily to accuse the lamp, delay time to black out, automatic induction door... more and more products, still have the service that is based on contemporary communication and network platform, those who let us experience the life to go up increasingly is simple, convenient, quick.

Vogue behaves: An article that A Ling is a company member, she grows not conspicuously, ferial day of li of element look out, use only prevent bask in segregation frost and protect a lipstick transparently, the hair is natural and flying, dress also is again common did not pass. Until one day, a famous makeup girl comes to a company make a chair, when seeing A Ling walks into assembly room, gasped in admiration cannot refrain fromingly actually: "Good a simple and pure and fresh girl! "Good a simple and pure and fresh girl!!

At this moment, suddenly be enlightened of many qualified personnel: Simple before also be a kind of style! Was tired of eat everyday eat and drink drunk dinner party, desirous is most the simplest food. Personage of field of a few duty promotes nowadays eat " white-collar formula " , two glue cystiform " Weigeerbai gets a formula " , a cup " beverage of vegetable of green general world " made the breakfast that moves simply not simply however, this kind " exceed snack " omited masticatory process, say well and truly, not be to have a meal, however nutrition absorbs a process.

Mr Zhang and graceful are a pair of couples, one is in institution, one works in the joint ventures, income does not poor, but their residence is simple however and simple surprising. Their home does not have furniture almost, a television and chair of a few pieces of wood are merely in the sitting room, the bedroom does not have a bed, mattess is put on wooden floor, ― piece desk, a bookcase, a computer. But the room is clean, fine dirt is not caught, on wall a few calligraphy and painting, appear pure and fresh and decorous. Mr Zhang says: "The highest state that decorate is to be not decorated, oneself stay in the house, do not look to others, oneself feel comfortable go. Oneself feel comfortable go..

   Recommend vogue 2: Hind small endowment

-- pursuit is ordinary medium delicate
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