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The N that duty field lives criterion
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Be in to emphasize human association and interactive modern society more and more in, go by oneself skill merely open up a new life space, perhaps do good own job merely, want to show itself score a success, it seems that more and more impossible. Only way is, be spoken bravely and implement oneself idea and proposition, uphold the dignity of oneself and right, use up all likelihoods to affect colleague, boss, subordinate or client next, the utterance that uses oneself and behavior move they, form the self-confident heart of a kind of interactive collective. Only oneself hold oneself head high hold out a bosom, firm self-confident heart maintains in the duty field of war, just have opportunity stand out.

Our bank, I am OK

In the duty field that is full of competition, in the work that considers a hero with success or failure, who can accompany you first and last, encourage you, help you? Not be a boss, not be a colleague, not be subordinate, also not be a friend, they accomplish this impossibly. Only the Chun Xiaqiu winter that yourself just can accompany you to take life, also only your confidence since yourself ability beat, you receive drive better every time challenge.

In the office, you may be an ordinary small part, others a bit won't notice you, at this moment, your self-confidence is you live exclusively a magic weapon. You should be active step one pace actively ahead, speak the famous speech of that well-known trademark: "Our bank, I am OK! " the opportunity that goes striving for expressional yourself actively, for example directs a conference or a program apply, assume a few boss actively to mean settlement problem, help your fellow worker sincerely actively perhaps, give counsel for him, solve a few difficult problem. If even if be only,you can be accomplished a bit among them, your heart changes since the meeting, become have hope even more, others also can realize your value even more, can jump over post a letter to allow to you and your ability, your position in the office can produce marked change.

Self-confidence is not cheesy appearance, but what it can bring you appearance is cheesy. It is to need long-term importunate a kind of habits and customs, it can let you understand the life role that it acts, oneself have sufficient capacity in which respect, still which respect needs reappearance to dig his potential, such suns that you receive each days can bouncily to rise.

Self-confidence is not fortune, but it can bring you money. Have and maintain very self-confident, you have right to speak, with respect to the chance that can get preferment, with respect to the office that can have oneself, can assume the new job that has challenge sex more, the successful chance that you get is bigger also.

Start to talk now

Speech is accurate, fluent, live, it is the basic standard that measures ability of professional personage thinking and expressive ability, also be the important sign that assesses him to whether have professional competition capacity.
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