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It is difficult that Taipei white-collar buys a house to have many
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Taiwan is so called white-collar, every are mean monthly income goes to 80 thousand yuan 40 thousand yuan in new station money between (RMB and stage currency specific value are 1 ∶ 4) , consider actual strength of Chan Ping's individual nevertheless, a house is bought in Taipei, can be extremely difficult, because of pay go up forever the house price that Yao of be not a patch on cannot reach. Yan Bangguo says the Taiwan businessman that grows peaceful area to have two flatlet in Shanghai at present, if use identical capital to buy a house in Taipei, can buy only secondhand room. Really, taipei is current the basic value of any a sector of an area, every level ground wants 300 thousand money to control (3.3 square metre of = of a level ground) , in other words, it is every square metre all valence is 20 thousand RMB.

Because this youth wants to buy a house, connect regular meeting to raise the house of Taipei city suburbs first, the 5 annulus that the place is equivalent to Beijing come between 6 annulus, or the Shen Zhuang Yi that is Shanghai is taken, the house price here is cheaper than the urban district of course 1 / 3; If two people of young couple struggle together, normally 6 arrive 10 years, achievable the dream that garrisons Taipei urban district, nevertheless, what buy possibly is secondhand still room.

Taiwan authorities buys house pressure to reduce the people, the room that ever rolled out 300 billion money for two times lends favourable interest rate, make a lot of office worker indebted really, have hut of a dream ahead of schedule.