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Olympic Games year we a north floats
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Although bleach a as north, but " north floats " this word, I dare be not written easily however, because the meaning of this word is too complex, the gift of tongues that may not be me can control, the backside of this word, contain of large quantities of one people live condition, and what kind of is condition of this kind of life after all? Alien is likely have no way is witting, because sheet looks from appearance, what north bleachs a group of things with common features work is very bright, they by day activity at each capital among the building, one major person, be called even white-collar, they are astute, gan Lian, handle affairs businesslike, but actually, north floats a group of things with common features on the body, not merely these things, punish among them person personally only, ability experience gives north bleach the joys and sorrows of life of the life.

Before 4 months, I joined the main force that north bleachs bravely, after 4 months, turn one's head bleachs the day of the move this paragraph in Beijing, having toing say is deep feeling myriad, float like numerous north a group of things with common features same, I am having to look decent job, be close to Yu Chaojiu evening everyday the time of work and rest of 5 is living, on the weekend when meeting and friend go shopping centre shops or going out to ramble, those who experiencing city to bring us is flourishing, feel our life quality appears to rising, but be really actually such? Lived in Beijing 4 months, I discovered a problem, that is me true be afraid ofing is quiet, be afraid of stop to be done without the thing, because quiet when I can think, am I to be in Beijing? Why am I here, here am I happy? How long didn't I come home? A few months can see pa Mom only, is this the life that I want? Such problem, float to north a group of things with common features for, it is unthinkable, because we change the current situation feebly, although do not have anybody to give limitation our freedom, actually we are we delimited to oneself one is encircled, this circle, I am in charge of it to cry " dream " .

Really, beijing is the city of a dream giving a person, or, why so much person from far and near emerge; Or, why building, shopping centre has each capital character the person with so much hasty circumstances or style of departure; If not be for the dream, how many person is willing to accept the considers country suffering that leave one's native place? I feel, major north floats a group of things with common features, choose Beijing, it is to find a dream more or less, show to realize oneself dream and life value, but sad is, beijing gives a person in order to dream, but it is unwarrantable the dream of everybody is able to come true, have the person that comes to Beijing find a dream every year so, also have the person that leaves Beijing dream to break every year.

Bleach a person to have a collective contradiction for the north that dream and goes all out in work, that is as the growth in Beijing life time, the job of day after day, what listening to a city everyday is blatant, more and more people begin him self-examination, is this the life that I want really? Then a lot of people think of escape, think of to in returning the life condition previously, go, but after coming down calmly, discover pessimisticly however, that each that oneself were not before any more oneself, return the life previously already impossibly, because oneself had gotten used to the life that north bleachs, return previously, what to know oneself can be done even?
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