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Make your professional individual character
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In main forces of vast and mighty to apply for a job, you are a very commonplace, time and again be rebuffed? Be like in ace forest in duty field, whether are you always without characteristic? Walk duty field, you need to make those who belong to your " professional individual character " , go winning a success with accomplishment of style of the distinctive, profession image that fits oneself, profession, profession.

Everybody individualizes, in daily human contact, we can discover, appearance of laugh of some person behavior behavior, the likeness of a person makes a person hard dismiss from one's mind; And some people leave what impression very hard to others.

Generally speaking, bright, distinct personality gives a person easily the impression with profundity, and insipid individual character leaves what impression very hard to the person.

Duty field is likewise such, one is having bright " professional individual character " person, leave deep impression very easily to colleague, boss and client, acquire other more easily also approbate.

In current society, everybody should to the top of one's bent make public individual character, did not let conventions tie his life way.

Everybody can have different life attitude and way of life.

However, duty field is rational, in treat a profession to go up, more rational practice is the individual character that lets his and professional demand bearing consistent.

Alleged actor has the professional individual character of actor, the engineer has professional individual character of the engineer, handler has the professional individual character of handler, in on-the-job field should ask oneself individual character, temperament and professional individual character height is shirt-sleeve.

"Professional individual character " the depression that is not congenital to ego individual character and change, however bona fide is shown with reasonable apply.

So, how to make those who belong to oneself " professional individual character " ?

   Not too conceal ego

Not too conceal ego, and the balance should be found between his individual character, interest and profession, its confluence rises.

Gorky has a famous remark, if the job is happy, so life is Eden; If the job is compulsive, so life is Tartarean.

The character trait such as interest, disposition is the issue that the consideration wants above all when the individual is choosing a profession.

Distinct personality agrees with to work differently, different job needs the person of distinct personality.

The individual character of a person can affect occupational be spent aptly, the person of certain individual character suits some industry to develop more.

When the profession that pursues when him and be identical of photograph of its individual character, with respect to the likelihood play gives ability, make success easily; May bring about its conversely the waste of original talent, perhaps must pay greater effort to just can succeed.
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