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Experience duty field " path of very close to each other "
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Turn one's head does poineering work from student times, the classmate of a few have a common goal, collect is in a small office, begin to establish a company up to now, already had 8 years of time. Can hold together is so long, besides having common cause, it is each other letter and integrity, and the general manager part that I take on, it is indispensible humanness example more.

From the university era has held the position of government is whole dormitory namely the autonomic committee leader of about 600 students, I am clear, want to let Yue Cheng of most popular feeling take, must accomplish justice and altruistic, and cannot enjoy a privilege quite, more must the privilege that can enjoy oneself first is broken, accordingly, I am in inside although can encounter a few resistance now and then, but most system is able to carry out smoothly, win the support of everybody. Such thinking and concept, arrive from the student enter social constant.

Grow inside a few years as the company healthy and strong, former poineering associate people also be inside the company each are important the unit holds the position of a leader, the manpower resource of core is in short supply already badly, must in outward recruit advanced cadre. Two years ago, the elder that is informed an industry is about to leave his post at serving an industry formerly, I invite him to enter our company cordially, the leader that holds the position of engineering department one duty, all receives whole technology and customer service unit, going year of the beginning of the year, successful also appoint to a position elder of another industry elder, ask him to guide whole business section, all leaves all business systems administer.

The energy plan of period of time is treated, and act on choose and employ persons not doubt, principle of doubt person unused, the hope can let a company spend start phase, fly smoothly. To this, I already consult spends poineering associate people opinion, win main support, if receive proper opportunity,invite them to enter core again (partnership) . And these associate that do poineering work together people, part repartition position. Such, all very should great gift are.

The fact is, at the beginning this engineering department director also wants to have one time really as, because ask him to come at the outset, the human affairs of stable engineering department is among them a priority discipline, additional, order calm branch afresh inside new system, will imperfect old the system is revised, make the branch is run provide efficiency more, order supervise goodly surely with rewards and punishment, reach client satisfaction to spend track a system, more this branch is pressing treat the cause that carry out, these projects, originally earnestly of poineering associate of I or other company is about to carry out, but since ask professional husband, should accredit grants he, we should see gain only can.

But half an year went, human affairs not only as before, more fundamental system reform still also was not built. Although the board of directors of the company resents somewhat, but since had looked for him,I think, and consign right and obligation, with respect to the member that should respect this, accordingly, I for many times force holds out him after all. It is I try for the first time probably will originally two constituent framework, promotion is three-layer, I persuade oneself and another person strongly, should give him period of time, because not be the executive power that everybody has bold and resolute, but the end set is swift the positive result with concrete translate into. Everybody has its distinct personality and kind, since want to use a person, should give him time and space. Accordingly, although bear huge pressure and responsibility, I am in charge of to this from beginning to end bigger include with the opportunity.
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