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The white-collar comprehends: On duty field two big depressed
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Did the friend is done however will not work in the same place

Sun Wei is small employee of 26 years old of companies

The beginning of the year just has a job, I what await in those days work special discretion, for fear that displeased the elder in the company people. Although in that way, do not know for what, I still sufferred others elbow out. Have big my female colleague of several years old always cannot bear the sight of me, she returns draw over a batch of people, often desolate me.

I was isolated. Became in the time of the unit everyday suffer, I always want to finish to escape alive rapidly that place that makes me asphyxial.

I joined club of a fitness, over, I knew Sammy, we very get along well, I also told her the unpleasantness in him heart completely, immediately, I two became an intimate. Below her proposal, I used the idea that find new job. Spent a period of time, her company business is patulous, need enrols a batch of people, sammy says, she is willing to recommend me to was done in the past. I think, change an environment to change kind of state of mind, plus have Sammy this friend is in, I can enter new role very quickly certainly.

such, I gave resignation, jump to the company that Sammy is in. Think to be able to have relaxed state of mind from now on formerly, but discover slowly, what the circumstance does not imagine like me is hopeful in that way. Be in gymnastical club at ordinary times, sammy is a person that loves to move very much, but be in unit, she is willing to run to run rarely however, one have a thing to call me to help, even if my at hand occupied. Hinder at face, I am on bad terms her dispute, can be her however be accustomed to sth, my within an inch of became her full-time secretary. On regular meeting, the boss praised the law case that I make, criticized the plan of Sammy at the same time. At that time, the eyes that I feel Sammy sees me is incorrect. As expected, since then, she treats me like approaching stranger, seemed to forget us completely once friendship. My mood is immersed in again endless depressed in the center, and this, the person that I can tell even also was done not have.

Get on for the end of the year, think the job that I come to one this year is experienced, it is not of Shu Xin. Everyday the most important is to have feeling of a good intention, can be two my jobs, let I and good humor do not have a predestined relationship.

   "Disloyal " the colleague is big witch

Xu beautiful gal employee of 25 years old of companies

Graduation also has changed a few jobs later, each job has more or less depressed, but compare " disloyal " for the colleague, other be Xiaowu.

Originally I work alone, although bit busier, often still want to work overtime, but very contented, simpler also, I should report to the boss the job is OK directly only. The boss moved a colleague to come over from other department later, he is to hope I can be a bit more relaxed probably, did not think of to make me tiredder however. This colleague can make exterior text very much, she at the beginning enthusiastic occur simultaneously makes me very good to her impression, but discover her job capability is not strong later. This also calculated, but the capacity that who knows her is rearward makes petty action, regarding my achievement as is her, the boss still praises her on the meeting, this makes my bosom frowsty.
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