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Raises knowledge is analytic
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If you feel enough of your ability, outstanding achievement exceeds others... anyhow you are sure to let a boss know you are worth raises, so you might as well raise your requirement boldly.

Make correct assessment to oneself

The boss gives employee raises, mean him himself to want to bear partial loss accordingly. Hit calm idea to prepare to put forward to the boss when you when raises asks, so certain that make correct assessment one time to oneself first, namely your qualifications and record of service in the company how, your heft in boss heart is not weighed again, you completed what project outstandingly recently, these projects brought how old profit for the company, you think you still can not make what contribution for the company, your leave to whether can bring some kind of loss for the company... anyhow has a correct assessment to oneself, you can tell those bosom friend, have a definite object in view, both neither can make a boss embarrassed, also can let everybody know whether you are true " firewood is worth somewhat " .

Choose opportune opportune moment

Be enmeshed in successful joyance when the boss, or when the family that is him has what happy event and making him relaxed and happy, you put forward to ask he is more recipient appropriately to him.

From you for oneself, as a result of your effort, outstanding achievement of company near future grows, or you just finished a certain big project to add light for the company, this moment, you raise raises requirement to the boss, he also can consider one time cautiously. It is a lot of employee that you see line of business of person of the same trade moreover different level land added fuel, in boss heart also know exactly about sth, awaiting wait-and-see in, you are timely ground disclose destroys this paper, he also is met jump at, make use of an opportunity to do sth.

Be apt to leaves " gold " mouth type of a few action

Carrying raises to ask to the boss is chess of one action danger actually, lane is bad to be met because of this by " sweep the floor go out " , although did not drive you,perhaps go out, also will be opposite henceforth you " regard sb with special respect or new views " . So, be apt to leaves " gold " the mouth is both neither lets a boss feel disgusted to be able to let your pocket rouse bosomy premise again to you. Hold person pass on a message in the palm

As general staff, you often perhaps won't be mixed directly boss contact with, but sectional manager can understand you a few more morely, and sectional manager is the boss often should call together one of people that attend a meeting. Besides, there also is closer person beside the boss, the raises requirement that conveys you through them compares you sometimes direct mouth effect is better. Of course here you must have held " degree " , the person that can replace your pass on a message namely is to understand you certainly, understand you, the person that sympathizes with you, can say the word to get mild and indirect in such his processes in pass on a message some, some more satisfactory, although refuse, on face unapt also too awkward, be done not have after all because of you and boss " openly engage in a battle " .
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