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Certificate is deterministic
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An investigation shows American Ministry of Labour, the intermediate director of high-tech industry, think oneself should have 3 degree or attestation generally, ability enough has competitive advantage on on-the-job field; The intermediate director of manufacturing industry also thinks to should have the degree of two above on average.

Be in the United States, after present undergraduate wants finish school a few years, find a job smoothly, best method has 3 pieces of letter namely: Letter of diploma, complementary department, take letter plus professional card, ability ensures won't " graduation namely unemployed " .

   "Inflation of record of formal schooling " inevitable result

American scholar Collins (Collins) is early ever was likened to contemporary education before a few years " culture currency " , want everybody to note the quantitative problem of diploma certificate.

Culture currency can change goods to change wants occupation euqally like coin, when there are more currencies to flow into on market, it also can devalue like coin.

Same, when there are professions of more minority of contend of record of formal schooling on market, it also can produce inflationary phenomenon like coin.

The phenomenon of inflation of record of formal schooling, the university that pounding China not merely is graduate.

In fact, each estate with at present medium field of the duty inside alive bound limits, appeared " forever little a piece of diploma " phenomenon.

The United States " commercial weekly publication " the discovery when the rank that having completely beautiful business school, the graduate of American business school people the situation that facing MBA degree to devalue badly.

Even if in before complete beauty is ranked 30 business school, the MBA graduate that there also is 60% only 2005 can find the job, and their yearly salary compared with once upon a time also greatly shrink.

Beautiful banner bank has the reserve cadre of baccalaureate every year in the past, but this kind of phenomenon in recent years less and less, the new personality record of formal schooling that main reason is to apply for a job rose generally.

Be in area of our country Taiwan, according to investigation, the condition of invite applications for a job of Taiwan business circles has the job of 47% to ask to have master's degree.

In the before 100 strong companies inside Taiwan island, the basic doorsill that 70% jobs job is short of must have master's degree.

The university is admitted rate is higher and higher, college degree already became the basic doorsill that seeks job, make the undergraduate begins to increase competition ability to appear " delay finish one's deceased father " phenomenon.

According to the data that already published, in our country inland, since college enlarge was enrolled 1999, only recruit students dimensions of the graduate student with average and annual the speed of 26.9% increases by degrees.
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