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Undergraduate obtain employment needs to learn ego to promote
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To college graduate, the ego of a kind of life chooses since of to apply for a job and ego " promote " , also be the test of pair of individual ability and quality, need active strategy to answer ability heart to think the thing is become, achieve what one wishes.

Elaborate preparation is politic. Choose job to apply for a job is like same field " battle " , must against a rainy day, had made sufficient preparation, the conception of data of the adjustment that includes ego state of mind among them, to apply for a job is designed and make meticulously etc. Pausteur has said famous scientist: Good luck most the head that the preference has preparation. So, each preparation before doing good to apply for a job works, create good condition for to apply for a job.

Hit out actively politic. To apply for a job matters to development future of the individual, doing not have positive attitude is no good. The undergraduate should be overcome depend on, await, self-abased, fear the negative psychology such as competition, produce the individual's subjective activity, creativity, go boldly " promote " oneself, do one's best masters the ground of firmly of active advantageous position of to apply for a job in him hand.

Be apt to stresses good luck strategy. The ancients cloud: Can't afford to lose the opportunity, come no longer when. Occasionally the good luck fleeting of obtain employment, accordingly, when opportunity comes, should be certain to be about to be become only break, can hesitate anything but hesitation, should be cherished and seize the obtain employment opportunity of hard-earned, can allow it and him just miss the opportunity anything but.

Information go ahead of the rest is politic. Information has decisive place in obtain employment of to apply for a job. College graduate should have 3 to information of to apply for a job quick: Namely sensitive, acumen, nimble. Want to establish sensitive information consciousness, notice to wait for all sorts of channel from network, newspaper, teacher, close friends, gather information of understanding obtain employment, hand-in-hand travel analysis, choose, in order to define direction of oneself to apply for a job and goal, to apply for a job of the job that it is choose makes the preparation of good news field. Acumen wants be observant and alert namely, ear listens all directions, be good at discovering the message of to apply for a job that those others cannot discover, do an observant and conscientious person that discovers message of to apply for a job. It is discovery took information of valuable to apply for a job adroitly, be about to start work instantly, dare to try.

Outwit strategy. To apply for a job is a knowledge, it is art of a kind of skill, must stress wisdom and strategy, anything but can rude behavior. Want to stress language skill, the diction when to apply for a job wants accurate and fluent, answer opportunely clever right, concise and comprehensive; 2 should stress psychological skill, when to apply for a job you want expressional nature not only, behavior natural and graceful, fill self-confident heart, attention height is centered, and the psychology that should pay close attention to and fathoms the person that analyse invite applications for a job, oneself answer and query should discuss strategy, want honesty already authentic, want to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses again, display oneself talent adequately, in order to cause the attention of the other side; 3 should pay attention to civilized courtesy, ask dress is decent not only when to apply for a job, show the explicit beauty of a person, and want diction civilization, behavior is easy, complaisant, the face brings smile, the person that let invite applications for a job feels the individual character of your extraordinary, good education and immanent quality.
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