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"Duty guest " can to apply for a job go much further?
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"Day price to apply for a job, money reward rises 5000 yuan, 300 thousand support! " the ad saying that if see on the net,seizes person eyeball so, do not think this is a netizen evil the card that get. Afterwards " show a visitor " , " rich guest " , " power guest " later, one kind is called recently " duty guest " mode of converse invite applications for a job is rapid on the net leap up is red. Never leave home, flower hundreds of thousands of let the job hundred thousands of yuan find you even, also not be the thing with strange what again.

Duty guest website acts middleman part

Alleged duty guest, the person that the information that uses oneself to master namely or person arteries and veins give to apply for a job through Internet introduces the work, and collection is certain the person of charge, also say " the profession on the net is advisory " . This is afterwards power guest later one of burgeoning professions on the net. Both neither of this one group is equal the hunt head firm at the tradition, also be not company of network invite applications for a job, as the maturity of Internet technology, the information that much duty stranger masters the information of to apply for a job that gets from the network and him does a butt joint, do scattered " hunt head " . And to to apply for a job person for, means of this kind of converse to apply for a job, be in oneself undoubtedly apply for a job a large number of works that the need in the process does employ a person to finish.

Reporter discovery, release this to plant " offer a reward of to apply for a job makes " still have a few demands, what duty guest website acts is one similar " middleman " part, to apply for a job person need delimits sum money reward through the bank on the net designation account, before to apply for a job is successful, capital is frozen. After getting website examine and verify, can release offer a reward of to apply for a job to make on the net, await duty guest to uncover a list of names posted up next. Offer a reward person the choice passes a telephone call after duty guest or can meet connection, once pass " win the bid " duty guest finds favorite job, bilateral need signs an agreement on the net. To apply for a job person in a week going to work if hire position to disagree to place, be like: False company, company and not agree with actually wait for a circumstance, can offer the arbitration to duty guest net. Go to work to if do not have,be mirrorred to duty guest net one week later, to apply for a job of acquiesce of duty guest net person satisfactory to the job, infiltrate gold of offer a reward duty customer account, the website can buckle next among them 10%-20% to serve as commission. If do not introduce to succeed, the website is met sum refund.

The expert reminds:

Such applying for a job risk good luck coexists

Must admit, the occurrence of duty guest still has its inevitability factor. Spot invite applications for a job can need " drive a place where people gather for various purposes " , expend much labor power, material resources not only, and the feedback that often can receive a few units with not much amount to only; Although network to apply for a job can receive huge information, but hard to avoid has false information. Set out from company point of view, manpower resource director chooses thick as hail resume, also want to expend much energy, and the occurrence implementation of duty guest " man-to-man " information butt joint, of the person that increase to apply for a job greatly and position match degree.
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