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Do not let resume take waste paper case 9 gist dot
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Tellurian works each times to need resume. If sending the resume that you check carefully before resume, your resume is met be thrown very likely into waste paper box.

Before the resume that sends in you, with " 9 not " the resume that the standard will come to check you.

1, of resume decorate. Be not used because of be economical cheap qualitative thick paper. Check is looked up whether to have composing, solecism, even coffee be soiled. When software of use word processing, use spelling checks a friend that asks you to check you likelihood the mistake of oversight.

2, character size. If you need to finish resume with 2 pages paper, the achievement show that experience yours thoroughly please and acquires comes out. Do not compress layout, do not narrow font to others hard reading level.

3, true. Not dummy date or functionary name come you once lost becloud working fact, or change often working fact or you pursue inferior job. If the employer of your future goes doing setting to investigate discovery,you are being scattered confused, then you say with your job " adieu " !

4, the ability that states you. The working experience that if you lack you,the working place that searchs needs, do not use schedule to amount to a law in resume. Convey law or technical expression law through the function, preferential will state the working experience related you and technology.

5, the good qualities that rolls out you. Do not copy simply merely the about working property depict term in manual of your human affairs. Have an advantage more to show you compare other competitor, what you need is not simple ground lists your working duty, the special contribution that lists you finish, rise per cent, the client increases number, win extraction award to wait.

6, do not use any excuse. Do not leave you every reason that pursues the job is written on your resume, for example " company by work off " " the boss is an idiocy " or " seek high pay " .

7, what are you doing recently? Do not display every position that you had been engaged in simply merely. Manager of human affairs department people what be interested most is the experience that you come to nearly 10 years, stress the focal point recently to go up with the most relevant work experience please so.

8, firm objective. The company help wanted that does not go up according to Sunday newspaper sends your resume one by one, do not want deliver resume, if your condition and job ask,go far-reaching. Read advertisement carefully, after whether you have appropriate qualifications and record of service, the decision just goes to deliver.

9, do not send accessory please. When you send your resume, do not learn you recommendation or report photocopy, promotive proof photocopy are sent along with all the others, unless you are done so by special requirement. If you gain interview opportunity hind, you can take these stuff.

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