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Production service line of business becomes future popular major
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The university is graduate this year obtain employment circumstance how, what major suffers bestow favor on, what industry most lack a person with ability... recently, the company of resources of power of a few family such as invite applications for a job of wisdom couplet of market of Nanjing manpower resource and Nanjing, with respect to 2007-2008 year circumstance of graduate obtain employment, release " undergraduate the first time obtain employment and professional progress investigation report " , according to these findings, reporter invite technology of Nanjing city profession grooms Shi Xuhong of advanced vocational guidance signs up for directive center vice director, country, with respect to college graduate obtain employment presented the characteristic that go out and heat to undertake an analysis, the student that the hope can give those to be about to walk into college campus bonze to did not graduate will come obtain employment is mixed with guidance referenced.

Obtain employment: Undergraduate students " surmount "

The graduate student is very popular without the undergraduate students

According to " undergraduate the first time obtain employment and professional progress investigation report " show, the difference of obtain employment rate of undergraduate students and graduate student is bigger. Investigation shows, obtain employment rate of the graduate student is apparent under the undergraduate students. According to the chief introduction of branch of Nanjing of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job, they are opposite controller of resource of labor power of much home company undertook visitting, interviewee expresses mostly, if not be post,have special demand to record of formal schooling, they more apt chooses an undergraduate students, because the undergraduate students has age advantage, firewood proposes a toast the demand is not very high, obtain employment hind has certain stability.

Think with respect to expert of this one phenomenon, taking an examination of grind after heat lasts a few years, appeared to sign up first this year the case that increase rate drops. In fact, obtain employment rate is not become direct ratio with record of formal schooling, and should see post of specific to apply for a job and demand. Mix to a lot of research organizations professional for more powerful post, graduate student and above record of formal schooling became the doorsill of admittance. And to professional the requirement is not very tall and right experience accumulates a requirement for taller profession, tall record of formal schooling is not formed in obtain employment add cent. When undergraduate shortly will graduate, whether to choose to continue to read grind should discreet. If just stem from the consideration of respect of defer obtain employment, reality makes clear, read grind may not can solve obtain employment problem smoothly.

   Situation of popular and professional obtain employment is not hopeful
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