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English interview: Come paragraph of classical opening remarks
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Opening remarks (the fundamental key that Prolusion) decides whole interview likely. Alleged " before 3 minutes are decided lifelong " , namely the first impression that you give interview to take an examination of an official, from the way one speaks or what he says bearing dresses up to dress the opportunity that is admitted immediate impact to you. Yao Binbin is civilized, but do not appear beyond the mark and affable; Should expert decent, not overcautious or beyond the mark self-effacing.

Still have, what examinee needs to notice is, although the other side can ask a few relaxed questions for alleviation insecurity atmosphere, but when answering a question must polite, the answer should hold a key, the word that has nothing to do with interview does not say, consider the other side to want what to know most as far as possible.

BASIC EXPRESSIONS fundamental sentence pattern is conveyed

1) May I Come In?

Can I come in?

2) How Are You Doing, mrs. Smith?

Hello, ms. Smith.

3) Excuse Me. May I See Mrs. Smith?

I am sorry, can I see Ms. Smith?

4) Miss Wu? Will You Come In Please? Take A Seat.

Miss Wu, enter please, sit down.

5) I Have Come Here For An Interview By Appointment. Nice To Meet You.

I am to answer to come about of interview, very glad to see you.

6) I Am Coming For An Interview As Required.

I am to come on invitation of interview.

7) Did You Have Any Difficulty Finding Our Company?

Find our company difficulty?

8) How Do You Think Of The Weather Today?

Do you think today's weather how?

CONVERSATIONS conversation

(A=Applicant I=Interviewer)

Dialogue 1

A: May I Come In?

I: Yes, please.

A: How Are You Doing, madam? My Name Is Wujing. I Am Coming To Your Company For An Interview As Requested.

I: Fine, thank You For Coming. Mr. Wu, please Take A Seat. I Am Anne Smith, the Assistant Manager.

A: Nice To See You, mrs. Smith.

I: Nice To Meet You, too.

A: Iridium tip jumps over  ampling Se

I: Guo 

A:  of ρ of cowardly of short for the Yihe River of  of  of Xi of form of cure of N of excuse me of Ling of  of boundless and indistinct sincering feeling hangs down Lian  is long copy of uglying predestined relationship

I: な of Qian of material of evil of cure of  of  of Guang of  of Ren of Pi of N of plinth of  of willful of barren of suddenly of Mei model  visits  of anchor of  of Qiang of Qin Geng  to rancor

A: Shallow 8 whistle thinks of  Jiao to be contrary to  visits Qin Gu  handsome

I: Whistle of second port lofty thinks of  Jiao scrupulously and respectfully

Dialogue 2

A: OK, mr. Wu. You May Come In.This Is Anne Smith And On My Right, my Colleague, anna Duncan, and On My Left, angela Lamb. Do Please Sit Down.
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