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Advertisement designs kind of resume model for painting
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The individual is basic resume Resume number: 313711602 updates date: 2007-02-27 22:18:50
Full name: Citizenship of old Mr Xx: China is current dwelling place: Guangzhou nation: Ground of census register of the Han nationality: Guangzhou height weight: Marital status of 95 Kg of 160 Cm   : Maiden age: 23 years oldIntent of to apply for a job and job are experienced Talent type: Average to apply for a job applies for position: Advertisement makes / planar design and make: Art editor, advertisement makes / planar design and make: Art editor, product packs stylist: Art compiles working fixed number of year: 2 title: Without type of title to apply for a job: All but but take office date: At any time monthly pay requirement: 2000- - area of 3500 hope work: Job of Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou experiences: Ever held the position of assistant of product advertisement cameraman 2001, leave one's post the reason is to should go to school.
The internal publication that saved culture to learn art of painting and calligraphy to study professional committee in Guangdong 2004 " Guangdong painting and calligraphy is artistic " editorial office makes up appoint the member is indebted the art of this journal edits (position: Art edits)
It is good to was in Guangzhou city 2004 much money firm makes layout art designer. (Position: Layout art design)
In Guangdong firm of ad of elder brother ridge did planar design to leave one's post 2005 the reason is the job place going to work is not stable (position: Planar stylist)
In Guangdong Aiweiwen changed development limited company to hold the post of art to edit one post 2005. (Position: Art edits group group leader)
2005 - was in Hong Kong up to now 2006 round-the-world limited company holds the post of Jiahong cameraman holds planar advertisement stylist concurrently. Educational setting Graduate school: Institute of Guangdong literary profession is highest record of formal schooling: Date of graduation of three-year institution of higher learning: 2004-06-01 place learns major: Planar advertisement designs the 2nd major: Groom experience: Graduate school: Guangdong saves major of literary profession institute: Planar advertisement is designed
1990 - elementary school of 1996 wide steel graduates
1996 - middle school of 1999 wide steel graduates
1999 - division of 2002 Guangzhou fragrant village is advanced arts and crafts of vocational school graduation is professional
2002 - design of advertisement of plane of graduate of college of 2004 Guangdong literary profession is professional (hold the post of a monitor one duty)The gift of tongues Foreign language: English is general mandarin level: Level of language of good another name for Guangdong Province: Have a good command ofSpecial skill of working ability etc Him special skill is advertisement design, company image design is engineered (CI is engineered) , visual identifying (VI is designed) , the mark is designed (LOGO) , the design that pack (PACKAGE) , advertisement is designed (AD) , brand design, exhibition is revealed, placard, an album of paintings and, the software such as skilled Photoshop and CorelDRAW, and at soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting is being specialized in during the university, once had attended calligraphy of school time good drawing to obtain calligraphy of second-class award, brush first prize and during the university, oneself graduate work packs a design to be judged to be outstanding work by the school, the graduate outstanding work that holds in Guangzhou city imperial art academy is exhibited showpiece, and school be leavinged makes the design exhibition that leaves school work to join rank of city of of all kinds province on behalf of the school and game, be in Guangdong saved planar advertisement to pack a contest 2005 in, this work obtains outstanding work to design award, and have strong interest to photography, enter practice for many times, have certain level. Know plane to advertisement is designed and be packed design and write POP script.
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