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Free resume model essay

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Individual data:
Full name: Political appearance:
Sexual distinction: Record of formal schooling:
The age: The department fastens:

Nation: Professional:
Jie as string of 1000 cash: Healthy state:

◆ knowledge structure:


Special training course:

Class of take as an elective course:


◆ professional skill:

Had accepted all-around university foundation education, be trained the education with ability by good major, each domains wait in law of earthquake, report, have strong academic base and practice experience, have stronger field practice and research analysis capacity.

Level of ◆ foreign language:

   - - year through national university English 4 class take an exam. - - year through national university English 6 class take an exam. Have stronger read, writing ability.

◆ computer standard:
The main operation of Internet of operating system of familiar DOS, Windows2000 and Office98, Internet, master the language such as FORTRAN, Quick-Basic, C.

◆ is main work:

Elementary school: Class labor committee member, monitor.

Middle school: Team leader of team of football of chairman of student union of monitor, officer, school.

University: Team leader of team of football of chairman of student union of monitor, department, school, squad leader of campus standard squad.

◆ interest and specialty:

☆ loves recreational and sports activities, have deep love for science.

☆ elementary school comes member of philharmonic society of professional clarinet training, school ever had had during the middle school, had attended great performance for many times.

During ☆ middle school, ever was key member of group of activity of extracurricular of school live thing and panel of geographical and extracurricular activity, had entered field practice and indoor practice activity for many times.

☆ likes football sport, team of the school in ever was being held the position of, university fastens team leader of team, school group, lead a team to play the game for many times. Ever obtained league matches of Jilin city football (middle school group) optimal archer title has attended league matches of 98 football of undergraduate of Jia Shibai Beijing.

◆ individual is honorary:

Middle school: Outstanding student of x x x . Outstanding member of x x x , 3 good students, outstanding cadre. Award of third class of contest of English of x x x .
University: School is outstanding student cadre-----Fellowship of year third class and---Year is second-class fellowship.

◆ main good point:

★ has stronger constituent capability, activity to engineer ability and public relations ability, be like: In the Ceng Duo between old session second leader organizes large sports match, literary show, obtain favorable result.

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