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English resume makes commonly used vocabulary

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Individual character commonly used vocabulary

Able has ability, able Adaptable adaptability is strong

Active is active, active Aggressive is enterprising

Ambitious has the Am of lofty aspirations and great ideals

The Analytical with the friendly Amicable of Iable affability is good at an analysis

Apprehensive has the Aspiring of comprehension to have ambition, aspiring

Audacious is bold, the Capable that has adventurous mind is capable, those who have ability

Careful deals with careful Candid integrity

The Constructive that Competent can be competent is constructive

Cooperative has the Creative rich creativity of cooperative spirit

The Dependable that Dedicated has consecratory mind is reliable

Diplomatic is adept, the Disciplined that has strategy defends discipline

The Well that Dutiful fulfils his duty -- Educated is well-educated

The Energetic with businesslike Efficient is energetic

Expressivity is good at expressing Faithful keep faith, faithful

Frank is candid, genuine Generous is catholic

The Gentle with cultured Genteel is polite

Humorous has humorous Impartial justice

The Industrious that Independent has definite idea is assiduous

Ingenious has Promethean Motivated purpose to make clear

The Learned with Intelligent strong comprehension is perfectness of some knowledge

The Methodical methodical with Logical trenchant consecution

The Objective of Modest modesty is objective

The Punctual with meticulous Precise strictlies observe hour

The Responsible of Realistic be practical and realistic is responsible

The Sporting of Sensible know a thing or two is aboveboard

The Systematic methodical with dependable Steady

The Sweet-tempered with tough-minded Purposeful is softhearted

The Tireless with dovish Temperate is assiduous

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